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Chris Petersen

Chris is a writer based in metro Detroit. Before writing full-time he was a project manager and developer for the University of Michigan and Detroit Labs, a mobile app start-up. He is a product of a coding bootcamp and avidly supports their mission.

C++ vs C#: Compared and Contrasted
C++ is a mid-level programming language that’s faster and closer to machine code. C# is a high-level programming language that’s easier to learn. Both C++ and C# are object-oriented, general-purpose programming languages. As a programmer, you need to master a…
What Is the Difference Between a Web Developer and a Web Designer?
Though web designers and web developers are frequently considered interchangeable, the job titles actually have very different responsibilities when it comes to building a complex website. This article will compare and contrast web designer vs web developer careers to help…
QA Engineer Interview Questions
You did it. After all of your coursework and projects, you’ve learned enough about QA to apply for a position in your new chosen field. You’re excited and nervous, especially when it comes to the interview.  A job interview in…
Computer Information Systems vs Computer Science
When you’re looking at career options with technology, you’ll face a number of fields and job titles that appear to be synonymous but are in fact very dissimilar. After an afternoon of looking at job postings with the words ‘computer’,…
What are the Top Tech Companies in San Francisco?
If you ask anyone what’s the place where the next big thing in software innovation is going to come from, most would say Silicon Valley. The rich history of computers and IT success stories coming out of the south bay…
Java vs C: Differences Compared and Contrasted
C is a procedural, low level, and compiled language. Java is an object-oriented, high level, and interpreted language. Java uses objects, while C uses functions. Java is easier to learn and use because it’s high level, while C can do…
Information Systems vs. Information Technology: Making up the Whole Picture
In the course of studying coding or other related fields, you’ve no doubt seen the terms ‘information systems’ or ‘information technology’ bandied about without much explanation. Adding to that confusion is the fact that people will often interchange the terms…
How to List Programming Languages on a Resume
Congratulations! You’re a programmer out in the working world looking for a job as a software developer. You’re ready to level up in a career you enjoy. Or maybe this is part of a career change for you as you’re…
Top Questions for JQuery Job Interviews
Once upon a time, working as a web developer just meant opening up a text editor on your desktop computer and typing some HTML. Today it’s much more involved and the jobs require very specific language skill sets. One of…
Top Questions for Apache Spark Interviews
Congratulations! You’ve got a job interview doing Apache Spark work. After all of your training and experience, you can put it to the test and show a prospective employer that you’re the right one for your dream job.  Your interview…
Data Science vs Machine Learning
The two fields getting the most buzz today in the mainstream press are probably data science and machine learning. You’ll see them both referred to often in articles on business, data security, politics, and concerns about social media. For most…
Python vs C: Compared and Contrasted
Python vs C Summary In brief, C is an older, compiled, low level, procedural programming language. It has more control over itself and the computer, and it runs faster. Python, on the other hand, is an interpreted, high level, and…
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