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Denise Sullivan

Content Writer

Denise is an experienced freelance writer. She began her career as a technical writer, creating manuals for flight simulators. Since then, she has written about cloud computing, VPNs, printed circuit boards, and more. She holds an Associate Degree in Journalism from Eastern Oklahoma State College and a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from East Central University. She is currently working towards an additional Associate Degree in Marketing.

High-Paying Creative Jobs That Don’t Require a Degree
It is possible to find creative jobs without a degree. Many of these positions focus more on skills than education. If you have the proper training, you don’t need to spend time and money on a costly degree just to…
What Is the Average Teacher Salary in Nebraska?
If you are interested in working as a teacher in Nebraska, this article has everything you need to know about teacher salary in Nebraska. Teaching is an exciting field for those who wish to impart knowledge and wisdom. There are…
Startup Virtual Reality Companies: The Top 10 Virtual Reality Startups
Virtual reality (VR) technology is changing the future of gaming, and has led to the creation of some of the best virtual reality startups. These innovative companies have not only helped to expand augmented reality, but they have helped create…
Accredited Online Colleges in Missouri: What Are the Best Virtual Schools in Missouri?
Attending an accredited online college in Missouri is a great way for prospective students to earn a respected degree online. There are many online graduate degrees and undergraduate majors for students to explore, including human services, criminal justice, nursing, and…
What Are the Best Engineering Schools in the Midwest?
Engineering is a very viable field because there are many possible career paths. If you’re looking to kickstart your career, we have created a list of the best engineering schools in the Midwest. There are several engineering schools in the…
Economics Certifications: Highest-Paying Certification, Exam Preparation, and Job Outlook
Industry-specific certifications, including economics certifications, can open the door to key career opportunities. Certification candidates can take intermediate courses in business and economics to strengthen their industry skillsets, including analytical and communication skills.  This article will help you figure out…
Best Advertising Schools: The Top Colleges and Universities for Advertising Programs
The creative advertising industry is booming. Choosing the best schools for advertising requires some research and understanding of what career you want to pursue. While the best advertising colleges offer the same basic foundation, they have a wide range of…
Best Doctorates in Health Informatics: Top PhD Programs, Career Paths, and Salaries
Health informatics is an exciting public health field that is rapidly growing. To advance your career, you should consider pursuing one of the best PhDs in Health Informatics. These programs will prepare you for one of the many health informatics…
Best Online Medical Billing and Coding Bachelor’s Degree Programs, Jobs, and Salaries
When looking for the best online medical billing and coding bachelor’s degrees, you need to consider what the online programs offer to their prospective students. Compared to an online associate degree program, the online course offered by an online bachelor’s…
Best Mathematics Bachelor’s Degree Programs, Jobs, and Salaries
The best mathematics bachelor's degrees can help to advance your career path in a wide variety of industries. The private and public sectors are filled with jobs that utilize mathematical skills and practical applications, from math teachers to operations research…
Best Geographic Information Systems Master’s Degree Programs, Jobs, and Salaries
Geographic information systems (GIS) is a web-based mapping program that is used in a broad range of fields, from land management to environmental science. The best geographic information systems master's degrees offer a comprehensive look at GIS technology and provide…
The Top 10 Most Interesting Climate Change Research Topics
Finishing your environmental science degree may require you to write about climate change research topics. For example, students pursuing a career as environmental scientists may focus their research on environmental-climate sensitivity or those studying to become conservation scientists will focus…
The Best Discord Servers to Join for Coding
Coding Discord servers are a place for programming professionals and novices to share their insights. Discord is a chatting app that offers safe communities to discuss a wide range of topics. Coding Discord servers are for those who want to…
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