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Diarte Jeffcoat

Diarte Jeffcoat is a software engineering student at Kenzie Academy. Originally from Columbia, South Carolina, he is a writer with a MA in New Media Journalism from Full Sail University. Outside of his journey breaking into tech, he does freelance work as a writer and brand consultant specializing in developing small businesses.

The 12 Best New Programming Languages for 2020

As a developer, it is important to always keep yourself ahead of the tech game. Eventually, web and app developers will have to learn high-level computer programming languages in their careers to further develop themselves. There are many mainstream languages…

What is CSS? An Intro to Cascading Style Sheets

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It controls the visual aspects of web pages, allowing designers to choose fonts, colors, layout, and more. Along with HTML and JavaScript, CSS is a part of the fundamental blocks of web development. You…

Best JavaScript Books: The Top 11 Reads for JS Beginners

Experienced developers usually get asked, “What is the best programming language to start learning for those interested in tech?”  Most will have the same answer: JavaScript. JavaScript is one of the most essential programming languages for those interested in learning…

How Long Does It Take to Learn HTML?

Coding can seem overwhelming, especially to newcomers. One anxiety-triggering factor is the time commitment required to learn how to code. When it comes to changing careers, most people want that change to happen sooner rather than later. Many experienced programmers…

A Brief History of JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the most essential programming languages today, and is one of the standard programming languages of the Web. JavaScript is unique in providing open interaction within a language whereas HTML and CSS cannot. In other words, JavaScript…

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is one of the standard languages on the Web today and controls the activity of your website. So anything that moves, refreshes, pops up, or changes your screen without refreshing the page itself. It can also be used for…

How to Use Indeed to Find a Job in Tech

So you’re interested in breaking into tech, but don’t know exactly which job is best for you. Also, you may be going through a coding bootcamp, but you are wondering in the back of your mind if there are jobs…

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