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Ellie Walburg

Staff Writer

Ellie is a communications coordinator with a passion for story. New-to-coding writer, she enjoys writing for new audiences. When not writing at her computer, she's spending time outside or enjoying a great cup of coffee. As a lifelong learner, she's also pursuing her M.B.A.

Best ISTJ Career Matches in Tech

When searching for a new career path, you want to find an opportunity that not only matches your skill set but also your personality type. Personalities are core to who we are, and they typically don’t drastically change throughout our…

Best Careers for ESTPs in Tech

Have you ever had a job or been assigned a task that just didn’t feel like you? The work was fine and others around you seem to be enjoying it, but for you, it was draining or tedious.  As you…

What Can You Do with a Data Science Degree?

From web development to software redesign to managing information systems and everything in between, data matters. With the importance of informative and comprehensive data to influence decisions, the career field of data science has soared in popularity and value.  Data…

Five Things to Know about Being a Front End Developer

Front end developers have a big job. As each role in programming, development, design tends to focus on one specific area of implementing a website or app, a front end developer helps bring the pieces together.  Given the vast platform…

Top Data Analysis Tools For Your Organization in 2020

Your organization’s data is vital to success. From marketing insights to customer relationship management to traditional business intelligence, you always seem to be gathering more information. And that information matters. All that insight helps you make informed decisions about the…

How to Find UX Design Internships

It’s one thing to learn practical knowledge in a classroom setting, it’s another to put those skills and experience into practice.  Internships provide a real-life opportunity to get a taste for what your potential career future could hold. While these…

What Can I Do with a Computer Science Degree?

Computers are everywhere. From easily transportable laptops to mega setups with multiple monitors—computers are used in any business, organization or another process. With such versatility and demand for qualified experts to lead in tech projects and achieve organizational goals, a…

UX Designer Salary: How Much Do They Make?

When it comes to exploring a career in tech, you have a lot of options. From development to management to even design — organizations of all levels and industries need effective leaders in technology.  A User Experience (UX) Designer career…

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