Morgan is studying Software Development at Lambda School where she is a Full Stack Web Developer and a Mentor. She has studied different technologies like React and Redux on the frontend and Python and Django on the backend. Morgan has also studied algorithms , python data structures, and hash tables.

CSS Link Color: Courses, Training, and Other Resources

How to Learn CSS Link Colors You can learn CSS Link Colors by taking a look at the following courses and other training resources. Delve into the links that interest you the most. What is CSS Link Colors CSS Link…

Packages for Python Using Pip

Managing your packages in Python can be a cumbersome task. This article discusses useful commands and provides resources to help manage your packages using pip and the difference between pipenv and virtualenv. We will also cover a powerful framework named…

Why Use AngularJS?

Should you learn AngularJS? And what is this technology used to accomplish in web development? These questions and more are addressed in this article. AngularJS is an open sourced frontend web framework used to solve obstacles presented by single-page applications.…

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