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Okore Leo Oghenefejiro

Content Writer

Leo is an expert in Photoshop, Davinci Resolve, the R programming language, Figma, and Blender. He also works with a software IT startup in the areas of business development, sales strategy, and copywriting. Leo uses his experience to help people transition into tech. He holds an MSc in Behavioral Economics from the University of Bucharest as well as a BS in Electromechanical Engineering from Constanta Maritime University. He enjoys playing the piano, jazz drums, and bass guitar.

JobStep Review: What Is JobStep and How Can It Help You Get a Tech Job?
So you’ve completed your training at a tech bootcamp and learned new skills. Now comes the next stage: entering the tech job market. The problem is, landing a job in tech can both be daunting and exhausting. In general, job…
Top University-Backed Software Development Bootcamps
As the modern world becomes driven by software, the need for highly skilled professional software developers is projected to grow exponentially. In fact, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected a 22 percent growth in software developer jobs and…
Alpe Audio: Meet the Industry Experts You Will Learn From
Quality education is vital for any society's growth and the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has driven the need to explore alternative ways to learn. However, even if there is a paradigm shift in the way people learn, quality education…
What Makes TripleTen’s Bootcamps Unique?
In this article, we zoom in on the learning experience at TripleTen to see how it meets key criteria in choosing the best bootcamp such as the cost and payment options, learning support and career services provided, and practice-oriented teaching…
How Holberton School Can Help You Gear Up for Tulsa’s Emerging Tech Scene
Tulsa is known as the “world’s oil capital” but in recent years, the city has diversified into different sectors like finance, aviation, and more prominently, technology.  The city witnessed a 19 percent total tech growth over five years, according to…
4Geeks Academy Deep Dive: Empowering Students with Coding Skills
With companies shifting their operations online, the need for professionals who can navigate a remote-first world and design and maintain web infrastructures has never been greater. The good news: This has created a windfall of job opportunities for software engineers…
How Zuitt Coding Bootcamp Launches Students to International Tech Careers
Times are changing and it’s changing fast. We have seen a significant leap in technological advancement within the past decade. With the speed at which technology is growing, there seem to be no speed bumps in sight.  The advancement of…
Alumni Reviews: How Alchemy Code Lab Ensures Student Success
If you're considering enrolling in a technology course, you'll almost certainly look at the program's or school's alumni. Some schools like Alchemy Code Lab recognize how important this is, and foster transparency with their student data.  Alchemy Code Lab provides…
How Clarusway’s AWS Training Can Help You Prepare for a Cloud-First Future
Cloud computing has changed the way businesses operate in recent years. By shifting to the cloud, companies gain access to services like storage, computing power, and databases without owning or maintaining physical data infrastructures. Cloud services are also viewed as…
Learn Python for Data Science: Learning Resources, Libraries, and Basic Steps
Knowledge of Python can make you a valuable candidate for a variety of data science jobs. If you are planning to learn Python for data science, this article is for you. It will introduce you to the common uses of…
Learn Python for Engineers: Learning Resources, Libraries, and Basic Steps
Python is becoming the preferred programming language in the engineering field for calculations, simulations, and machine learning. Because of its versatility, Python has become the number one choice of coding language for unsupervised learning in engineering projects.  In this Python…
How to Become a Staff Engineer: What Is the Best Staff Engineer Career Path?
The secret behind how to become a staff engineer is to maintain a track record of excellence as you climb the engineering career ladder. Similar to the role of any leader, a staff engineer is in charge of leading engineering…
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