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Yessenia Mata

Yessenia is a technical writer at Career Karma. In addition to contributing to Career Karma as a writer, Yessenia currently works in IT in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has experience with programming languages including Java, Python, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and is double majoring in CNIT and Computer Science.

npm err! missing script: start Solution
If you have worked on JavaScript applications, you have seen and probably used Node.js. There are lots of tools in Node.js, and npm (node package manager) can help you manage them. npm installs the packages you want and provides a…
Python Check If List Is Empty
There are several ways to check if a list is empty. The first one covered below, if list returns as false, is the most pythonic. In other words, it is the one people recommend the most in Python. The other…
npm command not found
Npm (node package manager) helps JavaScript developers focus on the code instead of other — sometimes tedious and repetitive — details. Sometimes, however, you may come across npm errors such as npm command not found. We will work through how…
Python sqrt(): A How-To Guide
Unless you’re a math genius, you don’t have all square roots memorized. And even if you did, someone else looking at your code may not know that you are. That means they might have to re-check that you wrote the…
‘Python’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file
Python is one of the most used programming languages today, and given its popularity, it’s no wonder you are eager to start coding with it.  If you just installed Python on Windows, you may run into an issue in the…
React Props: The Basics
Have you ever seen the word “props” in React, perhaps passed into a function? Ever wondered what it means? Due to the inherent importance of this object in React applications, it’s important you understand why and how props and state…
React State: The Basics
Have you ever heard of state in the JavaScript library React but don’t know how to use it? State refers to “how each object on a web page appears.” The concept is simple —  it’s a collection of data related…

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