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Top 10 Big Companies Using Django

Beth Waweru - February 05, 2022

According to BLS, the employment of software developers is expected to increase by 22% . This means that as an aspiring developer, you have numerous viable career opportunities to choose from. However, if you want to be a successful developer you must be proficient in frameworks, such as Django.

Some of the largest companies that use Django include YouTube, Google, and Instagram. In this guide, we will examine the top companies that use Django. Continue reading, as we look at the advantages of Django, how to learn it, and discuss some alternative frameworks.

What Is Django?

Django is a Python-based web framework used to build applications. It was developed in 2003 and it follows the Model-View-Template (MVT) architectural pattern. Django is free and open source, has an active community, and is extremely versatile. The main advantage of Django is it looks after the bigger aspects of web development, allowing you to concentrate on creating your website.

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Since this framework uses Python, you can enjoy the powerful features that come with it, for instance, versatility and simplicity. Django’s main principles include low cohesion, pluggability, reusability, minimal code, and don’t repeat yourself (DRY). This makes Django extremely effective and efficient.

What Are the Advantages of Django?

  • Fast . If you want to have a rapid, hassle-free development process, Django is the framework to use. The MVT architecture separates concerns of business logic and the graphical user interface. This facilitates a quicker development of concepts.
  • Security . Security and fraud prevention is vital for any company or organization. Django helps developers avoid common mistakes such as clickjacking, cross-site request forgery, and SQL injection. In addition, it provides an authentication system that safely manages user’s accounts and passwords.
  • Versatile . Django is incredibly versatile and it allows developers to create different products. Companies continue to build all types of solutions using Django, including social networks, scientific computing platforms, and Django CMS. As a software developer, you can enjoy the freedom to create almost anything in this field.
  • Scalability . One of the major concerns that companies have is whether a framework will keep up with their expansion demands. Django does this exceptionally well and most giant companies stick with it regardless of their growth. Django runs some of the most popular websites with huge traffic demands.
  • Fully-Packed . Web development tasks require different support features and abilities. Django comes fully loaded with all the extras you may need. This ensures smooth execution of tasks including content administration, RSS feeds, user authentication, and site maps.

Top Applications Built With Django

Popular companies have leveraged Django to create incredible applications with powerful features that include machine learning capabilities. Most of these apps serve a global customer base across multiple fields including music, photo sharing, video sharing, and browsing. Below are some of the different kinds of applications built with this framework.


Originally developed as a PHP-based project, YouTube is a video-sharing platform. Django plays a key role in ensuring that new features are added and upgrades are implemented in the shortest time possible. Moreover, it eliminates mistakes and allows the YouTube team of developers to perform flawlessly.


Spotify is an online audio-streaming platform. It has revolutionized the way people listen to music. Spotify uses Python for its backend services and development and combines it with the Django framework to ensure optimum functionality of the app.


Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social media platform that has a massive audience. According to Statista, this site has 1 billion monthly active users . This means the app has incredibly large amounts of data and user interactions to process. The Django framework helps Instagram perform all these tasks seamlessly.


Disqus is a platform that provides a network-based comments system. Its ease of use and powerful features make it very popular amongst the blogging community. Django’s scalability and a wide variety of ready-to-implement solutions allow Disqus to easily meet the needs of its growing number of users.


Dropbox is a popular cloud storage service for pictures, videos, and documents. It’s available online letting millions of users can access it regardless of their location. Dropbox uses the Django framework to facilitate synchronization, enable sharing options, and allow storage of large files.

Largest Companies That Use Django: At a Glance

 Four employees sitting around a table looking at a laptop. Companies That Use Django
Learning Django will help you get a job with a large company like NASA, Atlassian, or Epicor.

Biggest Companies Using Django: A Closer Look

Company Revenue Number of employees
NASA $64.3 billion (2019) 312,000 (2019)
Boeing $58.16 billion (2020) 141,014 (2021)
Kernel 5.65 billion (2021) 175 (2021)
Atlassian $2.1 billion (2021) 5,752 (2021)
Pinterest $1.25 billion (2021) 2,217 (2019)
Epicor $786.8 million (2021) 3,900 (2020)
National Geographic $499.2 million (2021) 1,500 (2021)
Mozilla $465 million (2019) 1,000 (2018)
Robinhood $365 million (2021) 1,218 (2021)
Udemy $129.6 million (2021) 1,000 (2020)


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) focuses on civilian space programs, aeronautics, and space research. As an independent agency of the US federal government, NASA pioneers space exploration and scientific discovery, which is one of the world’s main interests. NASA leverages the Django framework to ensure that all knowledge-sharing sites keep running efficiently.


This American Multinational Corporation manufactures and sells airplanes, rockets, rotorcraft, telecommunications equipment, satellites, and missiles. In addition, this company also provides global services such as solutions for defense, space, and commercial customers.


This full stack neurotech company was launched in 2016. It develops insights and interfaces to unlock unknown scientific issues. For example, how the human brain and mind function. The artificial intelligence entity used the Django framework to create the Kernel App, which is fast, reliable, and safe.

Venus, a software engineer at Rockbot

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Venus, Software Engineer at Rockbot


Atlassian is an Australian software development company that creates products for software developers and project managers. Its products include Bitbucket, Confluence, Jira, and Trello. It implements a high-level Python web development framework to build these products.


Pinterest is a visual discovery engine that allows users to find ideas in their field of interest. For instance, fashion, recipes, healthcare, fitness, and home decor. Pinterest utilizes the Django framework to execute multiple tasks, scale, and maintain top-notch performance.


Epicor deals in innovative industry productivity solutions to help businesses run smoothly. The company facilitates the tracking and streamlining of business processes, which results in effective decision-making. With the help of Django, the corporation ensures that its solutions are scalable regardless of business growth.

National Geographic

This organization invests in science, education, storytelling, and exploration. National Geographic used the Django framework to create a content management system (CMS) that handles all of the content on their website, including images and adverts.

Mozilla Corporation

Mozilla coordinates and incorporates the developments of apps. It requires a framework that can meet its needs since it has a large customer base. One of its main products is the Mozilla Firefox web browser, which uses Django. Mozilla also created the site with the Django framework.


Robinhood is a financial service responsible for commission-free cryptocurrency, stock, and currency-exchange trading. The company focuses on helping people shape their financial future. Robinhood uses the Django framework for its powerful features to ensure the app runs efficiently.


Udemy is a platform for online learning. Besides being popular, this online learning platform offers top-quality services to ensure users get the most out of its resources. Since Udemy has a lot of video content, it’s necessary to have a framework that can keep up with its database demands. Django’s architecture allows for this.

Django Alternative Comparisons

A web developer is typing on a keyboard in front of a computer monitor. Companies That Use Django
As an aspiring developer, you can create applications using alternative frameworks like TurboGears and Web2py.

Although the high-level Python web development framework that Django uses is efficient, there are alternative frameworks that developers can use to complete their tasks effectively. Below, we examine some of these alternative frameworks.


Web2py is a full stack framework used for the rapid development of fast, scalable, and portable web-based applications. Like Django, it uses the Python development language. This framework has more features out of the box than Django, but Django has been around longer and has more users and more applications.


This framework is built to surpass the top experience of web frameworks such as Rails and Django. It’s suitable for rapid development, MVC module development, and its object-relational mapping (ORM) is much stronger than Django’s. However, it is more expensive.


Flask is a microframework for Python that is easy to set up and use. Flask doesn’t have as many built-in features as Django, especially on the admin side. While Flask may appear to be more lightweight, it is much easier to use than Django and is ideal for beginners.

What’s the Best Way to Learn Django?

The best way to learn Django is to explore the numerous learning platforms and programs available online, such as Django coding bootcamps . Coding bootcamps provide you with the necessary knowledge, skills, and practical experience, preparing you for the tasks ahead.

Attending a coding bootcamp also saves you time since they only take months to complete, rather than years like a college degree. Moreover, you can always be assured of multiple viable career opportunities since employers are more than willing to hire bootcamp grads.

Top Django Bootcamps

Should You Learn Django?

Yes, if you are a developer you should learn Django. It will help you perform multiple tasks and it is seen as a superior framework amongst developers’ communities. Moreover, renowned companies like Mozilla and Google use Django, so you must be proficient in it if you want to work with these top tech companies.

Companies That Use Django FAQ

What is an ORM?

ORM stands for object-relational mapping. An ORM is a programming technique that facilitates the interaction of application data in different databases such as MySQL and SQLite.

Who created Django?

Django was created in 2003 by two Python programmers, Simon Willison and Adrian Holovaty. At that time, they were using Python to develop apps for the Lawrence Journal-World Newspaper Publisher.

Is Django stable?

Yes, Django is stable. Lots of famous websites such as Spotify, Instagram, and Pinterest have been using Django for backend development for a long time. These sites have a huge amount of traffic and thanks to the Django platform they have maintained excellent performance levels.

Will a coding bootcamp help you to learn Django and get a job?

Yes, a coding bootcamp will help you learn Django and get a job. As a bootcamp graduate, you will possess the necessary knowledge and skills to efficiently use Django, which will help you get a Django job .

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