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Top 10 Big Companies Using Ruby on Rails

Farah Abdullah - February 13, 2022

Ruby on Rails has become a popular framework for developing online and mobile apps over the past decade. It provides the necessary tools for creating web apps through a quick and easy development process. Rails includes a wide range of libraries and modern web development gems to help you build amazing websites.

Many well-known companies take advantage of the awesome capabilities of Ruby on Rails. Ruby on Rails can help web and application developers with object oriented programming, Agile development, and rapid application development. In this article you’ll learn what Ruby on Rails is used for and gain insights into some of the biggest modern web development companies that use Ruby on Rails.

What Is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails is a web development framework that uses the Ruby programming language to create websites and online platforms. Ruby on Rails can be used to power both the front end and backend of a web application, which means it can be used for everything from producing sign-up pages to running the backend of a website’s payment system.

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Ruby gems are valuable libraries or package managers for building websites with Ruby on Rails. They make it easier to develop or add functionalities to power your website without having to code during the development process.

What Are the Advantages of Ruby on Rails?

  • Full stack applications . When using Ruby on Rails, developers work with both front end and backend programming. As a developer, you will not have to worry about finding separate programming applications or resources to build your app and develop scalable services and products.
  • Strong community . The Ruby programming language is supported by a large, active community of developers and programmers.
  • Simple platform . The Ruby on Rails platform is renowned for the ease and simplicity it offers in website development and creating cross-platform applications.
  • Reusable code. Coding in Ruby on Rails follows the principle of “Don’t Repeat Yourself,” encouraging developers to reuse code instead of repeating it. For example, you can use features like methods and partials to simplify the code.
  • Efficient . Because the designer does not have to set up the configuration files, Ruby on Rails saves time. It runs on a principle called “convention over configuration,” where sensible defaults help reduce decision-making for developers.

Top Apps Built with Ruby on Rails

Top online streaming providers, entertainment services, start-up entrepreneurs, and ecommerce platforms have extensively used Ruby on Rails to build a wide range of online applications. The digital services based on Ruby on Rails can be anything from social media platforms to ad posting sites.

Companies use this efficient app framework to ensure smooth business development and stronger customer relationships. Read on to learn more about the online platforms of some of the leading service providers and innovative companies.


Dribbble is a social networking platform where designers can use the platform to get feedback, market their work from home, or hire other designers for various projects. Dribble is among the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in America and it operates solely through online apps without physical headquarters.


Hulu is a video streaming platform and is the biggest player in the streaming industry. Hulu viewers have access to more than 75 top channels for TV series, movies, sports games, news, and documentaries. Hulu is accessible through devices with an Internet connection to watch live shows and sports games. The platform also has original programs in its online library.


SoundCloud is an audio streaming and distributing platform for music creators and enthusiasts. Its active users are creators who distribute and monetize their works, as well as subscribers who listen to the content. You can access the streaming platform on your computer, mobile application, and Xbox for free or get a paid membership for additional benefits.


Twitch is a video streaming app that allows you to share live and on-demand entertainment content. It is well-known for sharing live streaming games, gameplay videos, esport competitions, and live music sessions. This online platform is accessed by a large interactive audience. Creators using Twitch love to build brands, reach potential clients, advertise their talent, and stream their work.


The Couchsurfing website is an online platform and community of travelers to share accommodations during their travels. People offer their home or spare room for others to stay for free. To keep their website working and improve its quality, they hire top software engineers and developers that have a wide range of skills, including Ruby on Rails knowledge.

Largest Companies That Use Ruby on Rails: At a Glance

Company Revenue Number of employees
Ernst & Young $40 billion (2021) 5,001 – 10,000 (2022)
Airbnb $3.37 billion (2020) 1001 – 5,000 (2022)
Shopify $2.9 billion (2020) 5,001 – 10,000 (2022)
Groupon $1.4 billion (2020) 1001 – 5,000 (2022)
Coinbase $1.31 billion (2021) 2700+ (2022)
Zendesk $1.03 billion (2020) 5,450 (2022)
GitHub $200-$300 million (2021) 501 – 1,000
GitLab $152 million (2021) 1621 (2022)
Kickstarter $30.4 million 234 (2022)
Basecamp $7.9 million (2021) 51-200 (2021)

Biggest Companies Using Ruby on Rails: A Closer Look

Ernst & Young

Ernst & Young Global is a Big Four accounting firm whose services include consultations in accounting, corporate finance, assurance, legal, and taxation. It addresses different industries like consumer products, retail, private equity, real estate, and media. They have Ruby on Rails and Rail as significant elements in their website architecture.


Airbnb, Inc. is an online platform with lodging and vacation rental listings where users find and book rental accommodation for holidays or temporary housing. Guests and hosts can chat about prices and features on this platform. It has designed its app on Ruby on Rails to make vacation stays and business lodging simpler and quicker.

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Shopify is an all-in-one ecommerce platform that supports millions of people who want to open an online store for their business from anywhere in the world. Business owners can use Shopify to market their products, accept payments, and process the shipping of their orders. Shopify prefers Ruby on Rails over all other frameworks for the fast development it offers.


Groupon is an online marketplace that offers discount coupons to consumers from local businesses. There are deals on various products and services, including beauty, entertainment, fitness, goods, and travel.


Coinbase Global, Inc is a major player in cryptocurrency exchange with a high trading volume on their website. Coinbase aims to make the crypto-economy accessible to all. It allows nearly 73 million verified active users to fairly and efficiently buy, sell, spend, and save cryptocurrency online. Around 10,000 institutions and 185,000 ecosystem partners also use their services.


Businesses approach Zendesk to help build and maintain good relations with their clients. Whether in sales, customer service, or customer communication, Zendesk can design high-quality, efficient, and creative software as a service-first customer relationship management (CRM) firm.


GitHub is an online community of more than 73 million developers and more than 200 million repositories. A popular source code host, GitHub supports businesses and individuals who want to create, ship, and maintain software. The design of GitHub’s online apps is based on Ruby on Rails, and the company’s developers have shared their knowledge and skills to add new features.


The GitLab application is a collaboration platform for development teams in DevOps. GitLab lets you bring your DevOps lifecycle to one place for rapid development and workflow rather than being spread across multiple applications. GitLab’s co-founder selected Ruby on Rails after being inspired by GitHub, which was first built on Rails. Rails has been supporting multiple complex functions of the GitLab app with great consistency.


Kickstarter is a crowdsourcing platform that encourages people to fund creative projects, ideas, and conceptions. Since 2019 Kickstarter has allowed 214,696 projects to reach completion. Engineers and developers at Kickstarter chose the open-source development of Ruby on Rails 5 for the secure and efficient operation of their website.


Basecamp, LLC is a web software development company that was once called 37signals. Basecamp pioneered Ruby on Rails and has created multiple products over the last two decades. The website for Basecamp was also developed using Ruby on Rails. They also have a project management tool with the same name.

Ruby on Rails Alternative Comparisons

A professional overlooking customer engagement on a website Companies That Use Ruby On Rails
Companies that receive high traffic on their website love Ruby on Rails and use it for collaborative software development.

Ruby on Rails is handy for anyone, from retail stores to web development companies. If you have come across other alternatives that offer readable codes and flexibility, you might be wondering how these framework models compare. Below are three alternatives to Ruby on Rails to consider when building web apps.


AngularJS is a fairly newer front end web development framework created by Google in 2020. AngularJS is an open source framework based on JavaScript. It is fully extensible and works with different libraries. On the other hand, Ruby on Rails is optimal for full stack development, and it is a server-side web application network.


Django is based on the Java programming language for web development. Both Django and Ruby on Rails offer ease in syntax and minimize coding when creating website applications. However, Django is mainly used for applications’ backend programming while Ruby on Rails provides full stack development.


PHP is a language used to write scripts for web pages, while Ruby on Rails creates websites built upon the Ruby language. Ruby on Rails offers an efficient environment and user experience for web developers. Developers effectively use PHP to make websites with database integrations and high data performance expectations.

What’s the Best Way to Learn Ruby on Rails?

The best way to learn Ruby on Rails is by practicing your Ruby programming skills in the Rails framework. For keen learners, there are many ways to gain experience in Ruby on Rails, from online courses to coding bootcamps.

Coding bootcamps provide courses of various lengths to prepare students for modern web development in Ruby on Rails. The best coding bootcamps offering full-time and part-time web development programs include features of the Ruby programming language and Ruby on Rails in their curriculum.

Top Ruby on Rails Bootcamps

Should You Learn Ruby on Rails?

Yes, you should learn Ruby on Rails, a popular framework in modern web development. Ruby on Rails continues to be major part of web development and the tech stack for large companies. For example, Netflix, a huge streaming platform, uses Ruby on Rails as one of its frameworks for the overall architecture of its website.

As you enhance your skills in Ruby on Rails, you will also be able to contribute to Rails documentation and code. Learning Ruby on Rails will add in-demand technical skills to your resume. It is still a widely used framework for efficiently building web apps, so learning Ruby in 2022 is a great idea.

Companies That Use Ruby on Rails FAQ

How fast can I learn Ruby on Rails?

How fast you learn a new framework depends on your individual learning style, previous knowledge of the Ruby coding language, and past experiences in web development. The best bootcamps offer immersive programs and can help you quickly become an expert in Ruby on Rails.

Is Ruby on Rails better than JavaScript?

Ruby on Rails is better than JavaScript in that it offers full stack development, supporting both front end and backend development. JavaScript, however, is for front end development only. Both could be a part of a company’s tech stack, so knowing some JavaScript could also be beneficial.

Are Ruby and Ruby on Rails the same?

Ruby and Ruby on Rails (RoR) are not the same. Ruby on Rails is a web application framework that is written in Ruby, a popular programming language.

Can I learn Ruby on Rails with no programming experience?

Yes, you can learn Ruby on Rails with no programming experience, but it is better to familiarize yourself with basic programming and Ruby first. Don’t overwhelm yourself with the full stack features of Rails. Check out tutorials and learning resources online. Learning about modules will help create easy-to-maintain and easy-to-debug programs.

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Farah Abdullah

About the author: Farah is a writer, project consultant, and IT event organizer. She is a certified project management professional and an avid tech reader. Farah holds a BSc in Information Systems from Effat University in Saudi Arabia as well as a Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management from the University of Roehampton in London.

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