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Computer Programmer Salary in Florida

Joshua Weinstein - December 29, 2020

Florida is a warm and sunny paradise known for its tropical climate and unique landscape. Surprisingly, the state also hosts a booming economy, with its own tech industry in population centers such as Miami, Orlando, and Tallahassee. Computer programming jobs are especially expanding throughout the Sunshine State with more opportunities opening up every day. In this article, we’ll cover five popular programming jobs in this state and their average salaries for each career in the region.

Why Tech Companies Flock to Florida

Florida’s tropical climate and business-friendly policies make it a top destination for tech companies.

Florida is an excellent environment for tech companies. The state is a strategic location for companies dealing with European and Asian markets, as it serves as a reasonable meeting point for people and investors. Florida is also home to a large pool of local talent and resources. The state offers a business-friendly economic environment for tech companies, and its lax tax laws allow workers to keep more of their income.

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Average Salaries for Common Coding Careers

Tech workers in Florida take home impressive wages.
  • Software Engineer

Software engineers are computer programmers who build software and applications for computers. They also manage existing computer systems and perform other coding-related tasks. In Florida, the average salary for software engineers is $103,035 per year.

  • Data Scientist

Data scientists create, manage, and maintain databases for companies of all sizes. Data is essential for virtually all software applications, and large databases require specialized expertise to administer correctly. Data scientists earn an impressive $117,345 salary on average in Florida.

  • Software Developer

Unlike software engineers, software developers focus entirely on building computer programs. These coders create everything from desktop programs to mobile applications, and they enjoy excellent freelance opportunities as well. In Florida, the average salary for a software developer is $80,018 annually.

  • Web Developer

Web developers code, create, design, and maintain websites and web applications. These programmers have a strong background in coding languages, such as HTML and JavaScript. A few subcategories of web developers include UX/UI designers and front end and backend specialists. These coders earn an average salary of $75,487.

  • Full-Stack Engineer

Full-stack engineers are programmers who perform all the functions of an entire development team. They manage all aspects of web, native application, or mobile app projects. These multifaceted programmers are experts in multiple fields, and their skills earn them an average salary of $85,000 in Florida.

How to Become a Programmer in Florida

Coding bootcamps can kick-start your tech career in just a few months.

Florida is an excellent place to launch a tech career, and you can find plenty of ways to get started. In the past, a college degree in computer science or a similar field was necessary to land a job in tech. Nowadays, you can attend a fast-track coding bootcamp and walk away with all the skills you need to land a job.

Coding bootcamps take between three and 18 months to complete, and some boast job placement rates of over 90%! Coding bootcamps are an excellent way to gain the skills to qualify for a programming job, and you can take the first step toward your career transition today. Join Career Karma using the link below.

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