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Data Science

How to Learn Blockchain Technology
Arguably, no technology since the rise of the Internet has caused as much a stir as blockchain technology. Nor has any discovery had as much potential to transform various parts of the global economy. Indeed, blockchain has demonstrated its ability…
What is Bitcoin?
If you haven't heard of Bitcoin by now, all I can say is: "congratulations on having been recently thawed out from your deep, cryogenic sleep. Be sure to do lots of stretches before you lift anything heavy, and here is…
What Is Statistics (And Why Is It Important)?
Statistics is one of those fields that everyone vaguely knows they should learn more about. You can hardly open a newspaper, read a nonfiction book, or turn on the TV without reading, hearing, or encountering people referencing one statistic or…
Top Data Visualization Projects for Beginners
The reason everyone is so excited about big data and data science is because of the enormous potential data has to transform the way business, education, healthcare, and many other fields operate, for the better. Coaxing insights out of huge…
What Are the Best Resources to Learn R for Free?
Though it doesn’t rank as high as Python, SQL, or a few other languages for data science, R remains a popular tool for doing statistical computing. It has been expanded for 20 years by researchers wanting to make analysis and…

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