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Average Full Stack Web Developer Starting Salary

Chad M. Crabtree - November 13, 2022

Tech enthusiasts looking to break into a development career are often curious about the average entry-level full stack developer salary. The average full stack developer starting salary is typically high compared to other jobs, as full stack developers are required to have both backend and front end technical skills.

Websites such as Indeed and BLS are ideal resources for average income guides and growth rates. This guide will examine the average salary for full stack developers, where to find the best development jobs, and includes a comprehensive full stack developer salary for entry-level jobs FAQ.

What Is the Average Entry-Level Full Stack Developer Salary?

The average entry-level full stack developer salary is $64,707 , according to Glassdoor. Not only is the average junior full stack developer salary high, people in these jobs will also develop the technical and soft skills required for upper-level development jobs.

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Furthermore, this full stack developer starting salary is often bolstered by bonuses such as commissions, tips, and cash bonuses. These average at $5,170 per year. This makes the total full stack developer salary for entry-level jobs $69,689 on average.

What Is the Average Full Stack Web Developer Salary?

According to Indeed, the average full stack developer salary is $101,299 per year. A full stack web developer salary typically includes bonuses like 401k, health insurance, life insurance, stock options, and paid time off.

Not only do full stack web developers make a lot of money, most people in this position report high job satisfaction and plenty of opportunities for income and personal growth. Freelance full stack developer salaries generally pay less than established companies, though getting your foot in the door at smaller organizations can be extremely lucrative in the long run.

How Much Can I Make as a Senior Full Stack Developer Salary?

A senior full stack developer salary averages at $114,931 per year, according to ZipRecruiter. Senior developers tend to have worked their way up from entry-level jobs and often take managerial roles with a lot of responsibilities. Senior full stack developers are typically found at larger companies that generally pay between $93,000 and $143,000 per year.

Top Paying States for Full Stack Web Developers

State Hourly Wage Annual Wage
California $45.22 $94,060
Florida $40.82 $84,900
Texas $37.44 $77,880
New York $37.35 $77,680
Wisconsin $27.90 $58,030

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the average full stack developer salary by state . It is important to keep in mind that the cost of living varies between these states. For example, while California has the highest average wage, the cost of living is much higher than in a state like Wisconsin.

Furthermore, it is no surprise that California tops this list. This state is home to Silicon Valley, a tech haven that employs millions of developers for both independent startups and large corporations like Facebook and Google.

Where Can I Find Entry Level Full Stack Developer Jobs?

Bootcamp Career Support

The top coding bootcamps offer excellent career support to help graduates find entry-level full stack developer jobs. These career services help learners build their portfolios, online profiles, and resumes. Furthermore, they may offer full stack developer intern jobs to graduates.

Online Platforms

Once you have the technical and soft skills required for full stack web developer jobs, online platforms such as LinkedIn and Indeed are excellent resources for job searches. These sites allow you to build a profile and match with ideal candidates near your geographic location. Companies will typically advertise entry-level jobs on these sites.


Internships are a great way to learn in-demand and hands-on skills. Some companies may even offer paid internships. These internships allow you to network and build key relationships. In most cases, companies will hire from within and interns can typically go on to start entry-level work.

What Skills Does a Full Stack Developer Need?

  • Programming. Full stack developers need to know both front end and backend programming and frameworks. These include popular languages such as Python, HTML, and JavaScript.
  • Problem-Solving. As well as technical knowledge, full stack developer skills also include soft skills like problem-solving. Understanding how to efficiently solve problems can save time and money.
  • Database Management Systems. In a developer role, you must be familiar with a variety of software that handles the storage, retrieval, and editing of data in a computer system. This includes MySQL, MongoDB, and Oracle Database.
  • Design. Full stack developers should know the fundamentals of design. Most roles won’t require developers to be an expert in this field, but a solid understanding of these additional skills will help communicate better with the design team.
  • Version Control System. Full stack web developers use a VCS for any changes made within a codebase. Using Git in conjunction with this skill, developers will better understand how to get the latest code and update it.

Is Full Stack Development a Good Career?

Lines of code on a computer screen.
Full Stack developers enjoy high job satisfaction and excellent pay for their coding work.

Yes, full stack development is a great career and is a profession that requires a multitude of useful skills, all of which can help developers branch out into a variety of coding fields. Moreover, the average entry-level full stack developer salary is high and only increases with experience.

It doesn’t take long to learn the skills required for senior-level jobs to ramp up your pay in this position. The top-end full stack development jobs can reach an annual salary of six figures , especially if you work for a large tech firm such as Google or Facebook.

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Entry Level Full Stack Developer Salary FAQ

How can you become a full stack web developer?

There are a multitude of ways to become a web developer. Some of the most popular full stack development paths include earning a computer science degree , attending an intensive short-term bootcamp, or learning web development through self-study.

What does a full stack web developer do?

A full stack developer works with both the front end and backend of websites and applications. Their software skills include proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They should also know how to use programming languages like Python, Ruby, Java, and PHP.

How long does it take to become a full stack web developer?

The length of time it takes to become a full stack developer depends on how and where you train. For example, you can become a full stack web developer in a couple of months with a coding bootcamp. A traditional computer science degree will take about 4 years to complete.

Can a coding bootcamp help me become a full stack developer?

Yes, coding bootcamp is one of the best resources to help you become a full stack developer. A full stack coding bootcamp is ideal for novice coding and provides hands-on and intensive training to help students become job ready in a matter of months. Furthermore, these bootcamps offer extensive career services to help graduates get employed in the tech industry.

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