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Google Data Scientist Salary: What to Expect

Paul Larkin - November 23, 2022

Entry-level data scientists earn an average of $120,000 per year at Google, while experienced data scientists have an average salary of $167,000 per year at Google. Both of these rates are well above the industry average for data scientists.

As our world becomes more interconnected and reliant on our little internet- and gadget-based electronic buddies, data science has become increasingly important. Cutting edge technology like AI, deep learning, and big data all require data scientists. Data scientists also examine the information flowing to and from devices or websites and interpret that data to direct and adjust their company’s digital assets. Good data science allows a company to stay agile and able to alter their approach as the market and their clients require.

As the 800-lb gorilla of the internet, it stands to reason that Google needs the best and sharpest data scientists around, and they’re willing to pay handsomely to get and keep them. But, how handsome are we talking here? What sort of salaries do Google data engineers make? Can bootcamp grads get a job at Google ?

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In this article, we look at Google data scientist salaries across a wide range of roles. We’ve consulted Comparably to get some hard data on Google employees. We examine starting salaries the wet-behind-the-ears data scientist types receive on average, and we go over the sort of wages the more-seasoned data scientists are making. Salaries vary depending on whether the position involves management as well—we also take that into account and find out what data science managers take home compared to their rank-and-file data science compatriots. However you slice it, Google data scientist salaries are worth pursuing, so let’s get going and discover the perfect-paying role for you!

Entry-Level vs Experienced

As with most jobs, data scientist salaries at Google vary according to how much experience you bring with you. You don’t generally throw the highest salaries at the newest scientists, after all; years of experience bring extra responsibilities and the ability to handle more complex and high-pressure roles. It’s natural to expect a paycheck that compensates you adequately for those added expectations. Google appreciates that and pays well enough to appeal to both raw newcomers and grizzled data science veterans.

If you’re new to data science, Google is a great first stop. Entry-level data scientists earn an average total of $120,000 a year. Google is an even better deal for those of us with some previous data science work history under our belts—experienced data scientists at Google have an average salary of about $167,000. Both of these rates are well above the industry average for data scientists, so both are good bets for job-seekers.

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Hooray for More Money!

Staff vs. Management

Alongside your seniority—or lack thereof—the most significant indicator of what you can plan on being paid as a Google data scientist is your organizational role. Are you a hard-working staff member with, at most, a couple of people reporting to you? You’ll get a fantastic paycheck, but the big money goes to data scientist management types. Data science salaries at Google skyrocket once the word “manager” starts getting thrown around.

As a Google manager, you can expect to make upwards of $250,000 a year along with perks and benefits. In part, Google managers rake in those big paychecks because of their visibility. Google is one of the leading companies on the planet and one of the internet’s biggest and most relied-upon cornerstones. Any manager, data science or otherwise, who works for Google has to deal with that public gaze and internal pressure at all times. If you’re the type who can thrive under the spotlight, Google management might be a good target at which to aim.

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Google needs great managers, so get going.

And that’s the way it is, my beautiful data-sciencing compatriots. If you’re looking for a data scientist position that will offer challenging work and substantial compensation, Google might be right up your alley. Their data scientist salaries are not only competitive compared with their industry rivals but exceed the average. Between the excellent salaries and benefits such as stock options and flex time, a Google data scientist position could be a perfect fit for you.

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Paul Larkin

About the author: Paul Larkin has years of experience in the tech industry and writes about cybersecurity and future of work.

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