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Triplebyte Review: Is Triplebyte Right for You?

Brandon Woods - January 04, 2021

If you’re looking for a position in software engineering , TripleByte may be right for you. Learn all about it in this TripleByte review.

When it comes to job searches, the process is difficult, time-consuming, and oftentimes leads to poor results. Some people may spend weeks or even months tirelessly submitting their application for a position, before finding a job that works for them.

Triplebyte was designed to change the way we search for jobs and help engineers find a position that is tailored to their strengths. Today, Triplebyte hosts hundreds of companies and allows engineers to find a career with more than just a resume and cover letter.

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Today, Triplebyte has been in operation for years, and some people have found success with the program. However, does that mean that Triplebyte is legit? Is it a good program and will it help you get hired? The following review explains how Triplebyte works, what it does, and how it may help you find your dream job as an engineer.

Is Triplebyte Legit?

The first question many people ask when it comes to any program that seems too good to be true is whether it is legitimate. The idea of a career search company that helps you find a job for free can be intimidating, but Triplebyte is a legit service.

Triplebyte is an entirely free service for candidates. This means that you never have to pay them to use their service. In fact, they pay you for flights and hotels if you receive an interview that requires you to travel.

The way this is possible is through Triplebyte earning money from the companies they work with to hire employees.

Who Is Triplebyte for?

Triplebyte is for experienced software engineers. The program is not for those who are new to the field or who do not have experience. To have a profile on Triplebyte, you must go through a series of interviews. If you pass, you’ll receive access to potential employers.

Potential candidates can rest assured though. Triplebyte does not care if you are self-taught or if you went to college and earned a degree. The only thing the service requires is for you to show off your knowledge of programming and professional experience. This may be helpful for those who cannot overcome the hurdle of finding a position without a degree .

How Triplebyte Works

Multiple Choice Online Quiz

Triplebyte takes you through a series of quizzes and engineer interviews before you’re accepted. The first step is to take one of the 30-minute multiple-choice quizzes they have available. Below is a list of the online quizzes they currently offer for candidates seeking employment.

  • Generalist Quiz
  • Generalist Quiz (Entry-Level)
  • Front End Quiz
  • Front End Quiz (Entry-Level)
  • Mobile Quiz
  • Machine Learning Quiz
  • DevOps Quiz
  • Data Science Quiz

After taking the quiz, you’ll receive a personalized feedback report. This report highlights your strengths and weaknesses in your chosen career path. The report also provides tips and resources to help you further develop your skills.

Virtual Interview

If you perform well enough on the quiz, you’ll be scheduled to participate in a 2-hour virtual interview through Google Hangouts. If there aren’t any available positions, you can be notified when available interview spots open up.

The interview explores a wide array of topics. Depending on your chosen career path, you may be asked questions concerning web systems, data exploration, machine learning, data structures, and more.

There are three parts to the interview, which are all designed to test your current knowledge and skills in the field of software engineering.

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Venus, Software Engineer at Rockbot

The first section is a coding challenge or sample app. This activity is designed for you to demonstrate your programming skills and knowledge.

The next section is a series of software engineer interview questions . These aren’t multiple choice like before, but short answer questions you’ll have to answer properly.

Finally, you’ll receive a system design question. These questions are more open-ended but think carefully when giving your response.

The Triplebyte Interview Process

While Triplebyte does extensively review its potential candidates, you are not expected to know every answer to every question. There have been reports of engineers passing the interview, despite not knowing the answer to several questions.

The interview process is also not a definitive review of your skills and knowledge. Some have taken part in the Triplebyte interview process, not been accepted but received offers from large companies, such as Google.

One downside noted by many of those who took the exam is how language-specific some programming questions were during the interview. Some believe the assessment did not accurately represent or highlight their talent. Others argue that these stringent questions demonstrate just how difficult it is to be accepted by TripleByte in the first place.

TripleByte is well aware of its low acceptance rate . Only 10 percent pass the multiple-choice quiz it offers. Of that 10 percent, only 30 percent pass the interview. In total, only three percent of those who try TripleByte service are introduced to companies.

It should be noted, that there are ultrahigh candidates. If a candidate does exceptionally well on the initial test, they can take an expedited interview. This interview is administered by a senior engineer. Roughly two percent of the candidates who pass the initial quiz receive an expedited interview.

What Happens if You’re Accepted?

If you do get accepted into TripleByte, you’ll receive an optional form. Filling out the form allows you to receive a free power bank and jacket from TripleByte as a gift.

Next, accepted candidates receive a list of companies TripleByte has matched them with. You can schedule a pitch call with these candidates. If the company wants to interview, you’ll bypass the initial interview phase and go straight to an onsite interview.

This highlights the more significant benefits of TripleByte. They cover the travel and lodging costs for you to go to your onsite interview.

Does TripleByte Work?

TripleByte claims a 40 percent onsite offer rate. This is twice the average industry-standard rate of 20 percent. Because of their process, TripleByte streamlines the interview and hiring process for candidates and recruiters.

TripleByte Pros and Cons

TripleByte Pros

If you are in search of a job, then TripleByte is very promising. It helps you demonstrate your skills and knowledge initially and allows you to avoid some work that goes into finding a job. One of the most difficult things for someone looking for work is getting noticed by a company.

In a world where a company can receive hundreds, if not thousands of applications, TripleByte gives you a significant opportunity. It may be what gets you a job in a few weeks, instead of a few months.

TripleByte Cons

However, the stringent and difficult testing process means that TripleByte may not be right for you. Even if you are qualified for the position, TripleByte’s initial interview process may prevent you from getting noticed or hired.

Many people noted that TripleByte does offer many large company opportunities, such as Stripe, for candidates. But, the company also works with lots of startups and small companies. If you’re looking to work with large companies out there, TripleByte may not be right for you.

Is TripleByte Right for You?

Now that you know about TripleByte, the question is whether it is right for you. TripleByte has a lot to offer potential candidates. If you have the knowledge and experience, it can fast-track to speaking with potential employers and finding a position.

While it is relatively recent, one of the best benefits of TripleByte is its opportunities for entry-level software engineers. Without prior experience, it can be difficult for a software engineer to find a position. TripleByte allows you to get in touch with employers based on your knowledge, even if you don’t have an extensive resume.

In comparison, if you already have senior-level or significant experience in the field, you may not find as much success with TripleByte. Some have used TripleByte and received job offers from the service, but they’ve turned them down to work elsewhere.

If you aren’t at a loss for job opportunities, TripleByte may not give you the results you’re looking for.

Also, TripleByte’s interview process doesn’t work for everyone. You may not get to appropriately demonstrate your skills and knowledge over a 2-hour virtual interview.

TripleByte Review: Conclusion

TripleByte is a legitimate and free service for software engineers. To those in search of a software engineering job, there is a lot to gain from using TripleByte. For those who do not have any job offers lined up, TripleByte may help you.

Another thing to consider, even if you do not pass the test, is the feedback assessment. It’s still possible to discover what your strengths and weaknesses are. You can use those skills, outside TripleByte, to find a position as well.

With software engineering being a competitive market, there is no reason to not give TripleByte a try, and see what it has to offer. At the very least, you’ll get an idea of what your skill set is as a software engineer.

However, at most, you’ll find a lucrative career in software engineering.

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