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Who Uses C++? Companies That Use C++ and What C++ Is Used For

Esa Landicho - August 05, 2022

When you’re in the world of technology, you’ll often encounter terms like JavaScript , Python, and C++, all of which are powerful tools for tech professionals. You may be wondering who uses C++. Is it just coders, developers, or programmers?

C++ has been widely used for building video games and for constructing operating systems. It might be a challenge to learn this language compared to others, but it’s useful for developing applications that can be adjusted to different platforms. This guide will help you understand this tool and learn which companies use it.

What Is C++?

C++ is an object oriented programming language that’s used to create high-performance applications. It allows programmers to have high control over memory and system resources. It’s known to be one of the most popular programming languages. Moreover, this core programming language provides an organized structure to programs, while allowing codes to be reused.

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C++ is close to Java and C#. That’s why coders and programmers can easily switch to using it. There’s a wide variety of functions when it comes to using this language. One of which is being used to write programs that match macOS, Linux, and Windows operating systems.

The facts and numbers below will show that C++ is still very prevalent. There are many things that you can do using this language. That’s why it has always belonged to the top list of the most used object oriented languages.

What Is C++ Used For?

C++ is used in making large software infrastructures. Since C++ can directly operate the hardware it’s running on, coders and programmers can edit and modify their code to run proficiently in any environment. That’s why C++ is an excellent choice for building software, controlling system resources, and completing critical tasks.

Operating Systems

C++ is used to make structures to manage even the most minor details of an operating system and to make it quick and coherent. That’s why it’s not a surprise that this object oriented programming language plays an essential role in macOS and Windows as well as mobile operating systems like iOS.

Game Development

C++ is used to adjust memory allocation and data structures involved in game development. Gaming entails a lot of resource-intensive functions for generating high-quality graphics or allowing multiplayer sessions. Because of that, C++ has been used in creating games like World of Warcraft, StarCraft, and Counter-Strike. It’s also used in game engines such as Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Unreal Engine.


C++ is used for creating well-known database tools such as MongoDB and MySQL. These databases serve as backbones of other popular applications like Netflix, Google, Adobe, and YouTube. C++ contributes to building structured databases for efficient storage.

IoT Devices

C++ is used for controlling resources to run programs effortlessly. These programs are on devices such as smartwatches, appliances, cars, medical devices, and TVs. These devices have embedded systems that operate with restricted computing resources and rigid power requirements.

Machine Learning

C++ is used for powering highly-sophisticated calculations that upskill machine learning models. An example of a machine learning tool is TensorFlow which relies on C++ as a backend programming language.

List of C++ Companies: Overview

Companies That Use C++ Who Uses C++ at This Company? What Does This Company Use C++ For? Estimated Number of Employees
Adobe Web developer,
data scientist,
software engineer
Databases, IoT devices, machine learning 22,516
Apple Software engineer,
data scientist,
web developer
Operating systems, databases, IoT devices, machine learning 147,000
Blizzard Software engineer, senior data scientist, application developer Game development, databases, IoT devices, machine learning 9,800
Evernote Developer, data analyst, software engineer Databases, IoT devices, machine learning 201 to 500
Google Programmer,
software engineer,
quality analyst
Machine learning, databases, IoT devices 135,301
LinkedIn Software engineer,
data scientist,
web developer
Databases, IoT devices, machine learning 16,000
Meta Web developer, data scientist, software engineer Operating systems, databases, IoT devices, machine learning 58,604
Microsoft Software development engineer, data scientist, web developer Operating systems, databases, IoT devices, machine learning 181,000
NASA Software engineer,
DevOps engineer
Databases, IoT devices, machine learning 17,000
Netflix Senior software engineer,
data scientist,
web developer
Databases, IoT devices, machine learning 9,400

List of Companies That Use C++, Expanded

C++ might not be the perfect language. Still, it’s used by many different companies on a daily basis to update and develop their software and applications continuously. The successful companies below are known to use the programming language for graphics applications, database servers, and other complex software applications. Creating a C++ program is a preferred choice of these companies.


Adobe is a software company that provides its users with digital marketing tools and other media solutions. It provides services and tools that allow users to create digital content that is accessible on different devices. It uses C++ as a scripting language for several imaging systems and codecs.

Venus, a software engineer at Rockbot

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Venus, Software Engineer at Rockbot

Average Salaries for Adobe Employees Who Use C++


Apple is a multinational corporation that manufactures, designs, and sells software, consumer electronics, and personal computers. It also provides operating systems like iOS and OS X. Millions of people choose this brand for their mobile phones and laptops. Apple uses C++ as an object oriented language for device drivers and software programs.

Average Salaries for Apple Employees Who Use C++


Blizzard is known for developing and publishing computer games. Two of the most popular games the company developed are World of Warcraft and Diablo. Blizzard uses C++ for game development and to continually update its current games.

Average Salaries for Blizzard Employees Who Use C++


Evernote is a company that provides a suite of services and software allowing its users to get, organize, and find information from various platforms. The company’s product has reached millions of users, helping them organize all their ideas in one place. Evernote uses C++ to update its app’s complex programs continually.

Average Salaries for Evernote Employees Who Use C++


Google started its roots as an American search engine company but now offers over 50 Internet services. These services range from tablet computers and mobile phones to online document creation and software. Right now, the company hosts more than 70 percent of online search requests worldwide. Google uses C++ for updating its existing complex software applications and other databases.

Average Salaries for Google Employees Who Use C++


LinkedIn is a professional networking site that allows users to connect with other professionals, find jobs, and also find prospective clients. Through the platform, users can share their insights and knowledge. Furthermore, it also allows organizations and companies to find and hire the right talent. LinkedIn uses C++ for its analytics and search.

Average Salaries for LinkedIn Employees Who Use C++


Meta, previously known as Facebook, is a social technology company that helps people connect all around the world. The platform helps people look for communities and also grow their businesses. The company owns other applications like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus. Meta uses C++ for its software and for creating good source code.

Average Salaries for Meta Employees Who Use C++


Microsoft has been a global leader in personal computer software applications and systems. Aside from applications, the company also developed its own line of tablet computers. The company provides email services and electronic game systems. Microsoft has been using C++ to build its core applications and other software programs.

Average Salaries for Microsoft Employees Who Use C++


NASA was established in 1958 and is known for its civilian space program, aerospace research, and aeronautics. The organization’s goal is to improve people’s lives through the findings it can gather through its research. NASA uses C++ for organizing classes, using encapsulation and readability enhancement.

Average Salaries for NASA Employees Who Use C++


Netflix is an online platform that allows users to watch and enjoy various TV shows, movies, and documentaries. The service can be accessed on laptops, smart TVs, mobile phones, and tablets. The company was founded in 1997 and is now serving millions of people worldwide. Netflix uses C++ for its content lifecycle.

Average Salaries for Netflix Employees Who Use C++

C++ Bootcamps: Who Uses C++ to Teach Students How to Code?

There are many bootcamps that use C++ and consider it as an ideal choice for coding. Below are some bootcamps you might want to consider if you want to grow your expertise in C-style programming. Learning C-style code will help you handle complex programs.

  • The Tech Academy . In this bootcamp, you’ll learn about using C++ as a code for operating systems. You’ll learn important foundations, such as memory management and defining functions.
  • Udacity . This bootcamp will introduce you to C++ foundations and teach you all about function containers, syntax, and linking multiple files. You’ll also learn other virtual functions of the programming language like cleaning and reusing code. In addition, you’ll learn how to control dynamic and static memory in C++ and how to use it for millions of transactions.
  • DevBootcamp . This bootcamp helps students gain foundational knowledge in C and then progress to C++, where they learn about object oriented programming, polymorphism, function libraries, and data types.

Which Real-World C++ Use Case Is Right for Me?

A laptop, plant, and yellow cup on a table. Who Uses C++?
C++ is one of the most popular higher-level languages for an open source project.

Programmers, developers, and coders use C++, especially for overloaded functions and to create swift and efficient programs. If you’re into coding, technology, and web development, then it’s just right that you pursue and learn C++.

There are many bootcamps and online courses that you can join to widen your knowledge of this programming language. The main advantage is that C++ is not just popular in the tech industry, but it also is used in other industries as well. A C++ program can be used for creating banking applications, health applications, and much more.

Uses of C++ FAQ

Where is C++ used in the real world?

Real-world uses of C++ are creating operating systems, as well as optimizing browsers, libraries, embedded systems, and databases.

What are some cool things you can do with C++?

Some of the cool things you can do with C++ include developing games, building web browsers, creating financial tools, making databases, and building flight software.

What are the features of C++?

Some of the greatest features of C++ are that it’s simple and considered a mid-level programming language. In addition, it is one of the fastest programming languages, offers rich standard libraries, and has minimal technical issues.

What are the primary uses of C++?

The main uses of C++ are to create general database software and open-source databases.

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