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Who Uses C? Companies That Use C and What C Is Used For

Daisy Waithereo Wambua - February 02, 2022

Statista states that in 2021, 21 percent of developers in the world used C in their practice. This assembly language is popular due to its reliability, performance, and efficiency in programming. Dig deeper and find out in this guide who uses C and what C is used for.

Given the benefits of C, its popularity stretches across developers and companies alike. There are multiple companies that rely on C and look to hire professionals with knowledge in C. Top companies such as Google, YouTube, and Telegram Messenger use C in their day-to-day activities. Read on to find out what C is and which top companies use it.

What Is C?

C is a mid-level programming language that provides efficiency and reliability to programmers. Originally the programming language was developed to cater to writing system software. Today C is used to develop firmware and applications. It’s a procedural language that provides low-level access to multiple system memories.

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C has particular features that identify it from the rest of the programming languages. It features a particular number of keywords, mathematical operators, and function return values. Typing using C is generally static and has standard modularity.

This compiler language allows developers to run complex programs into executable form. It also has the capability to make the source code machine-readable. The most common example is the Microsoft Visual C++ environment. It compiles C and C++ programs.

C is relatively popular, especially given its one of the oldest programming languages. Many developers use the C programming language to build applications. Below are some facts that further attest to the popularity of C.

  • 21 percent of programmers world-wide use it . Statista curated a list of the most used programming languages amongst developers across the world. This list ranks C as the 12th most used programming language in the entire world, with 21 percent of programmers using it.
  • C has a 12 percent rating . Tiobe indicates that C attracted a 12 percent rate globally in 2021. The programming language comes after Python.

What Is C Used For?

C is used for many applications. Its multiple features allow programmers to rely on it for various reasons. Find out the wide range of uses for C below.

Building Databases

Developers also use C to build databases. It is used in developing Oracle, MYSQL, PostgreSQL, and MS SQL servers.

Designing Compilers

C is mostly used in creating popular compilers . Many programming language compilers are developed with reference from C. This is due to the association of C to low-level programming languages. This eases the language to be comprehensible to machines.

Developing Operating Systems

C is an assembly language. It can be used in low-level programming as well as high-level programming. It has the ability to read and write from and to a memory location. The language also features a pointer concept and system calls. The assembly language has built Microsoft Windows Kernel, Linux Kernel, Symbian, Android, and Windows Phone Kernel.

Graphical User Interface

C is heavily used by graphic design tools and technologies. The programming language has been used to develop Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, and Adobe Illustrator.

Gaming and Animation

Developers rely on higher-level languages to develop games for Android and iOS. They rely on objective-C to develop games like Snake game, Doom3, Chess, Tic-Tac-Toe, and Archery.

Embedded Systems

Developers use C in scripting applications and drivers belonging to embedded systems. For instance, it can be used to script for microwaves, coffee makers, climate control systems, keyless entries, or heated seats.

Designing Browsers

The structured programming language is efficient in designing browsers. It’s been used in designing the Google Chromium browser, file system, and Mozilla Firefox.

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List of C Companies: Overview

Companies That Use C Who Uses C at This Company? What Does This Company Use C For? Estimated Number of Employees
Apple Software Data Engineer, System Architect Building visualization tools More than 147,000
Facebook Software Engineer Manager, Hardware Platforms Architect, System Validation Engineer Scripting and automation More than 58,604
Google Software Engineer, Hardware Engineer, Engineer Manager Write product or system development code More than 135,301
Mastercard Senior Software Engineer, Lead Software Development Engineer, Lead Database Engineer Designing databases More than 21,000
Microsoft Software Engineering Lead, Senior Electrical Engineer, Senior Coherence Verification Engineer Develop software More than 181,000
Nvidia Software Engineer, Senior Systems Software Engineer Develop product code More than 18,975
Redhat Senior Software Engineer, Backend Cloud Engineer Optimize backend services More than 10,500
Telegram Messenger Software Engineers, Site Reliability Engineer Build low-level storage engines N/A
VMware Software Developer, Backend Software Engineer, Senior Site Reliability Engineer Improve operational efficiency More than 34,000
YouTube Principal Engineer, Web Solutions Engineer, Staff Software Engineer Develop web applications More than 135, 301

List of Companies That Use C, Expanded

There is a wide variety of companies that use C. Being one of the oldest programming languages, the uses of C are relatively extensive. Find out which companies use C and the jobs available, below.


Apple is an American multinational company that deals with consumer electronics and online services. It gained worldwide popularity by supplying top-notch products and services. It fosters values in inclusivity, accessibility, supplier responsibility, racial equity, and privacy. The company features multiple job opportunities for people from all backgrounds.

Average Salaries for Apple Employees Who Use C

  • Software data engineer | $148,747
  • Senior software engineer | $187,390
  • System architect | $204,623


Facebook is an online networking service that provides a platform for people to connect. The company provides products to over three billion people around the globe. They have offices in over 80 cities with headquarters in California. They’re a large company always looking to employ professionals from diverse backgrounds.

Average Salaries for Facebook Employees Who Use C

  • Software engineering manager | $148,640
  • Hardware platforms architect | N/A
  • System validation engineer | N/A


Google is known as a multinational company that provides Internet-based services and products. The company features cloud computing, a search engine, and online advertising services. Their aim is to make information accessible to everyone. They’re always on the lookout for professionals with experience.

Average Salaries for Google Employees Who Use C

  • Software engineer III | $162,465
  • Hardware engineer | $163,925
  • Engineer manager | $234,450


Mastercard is a multinational company that offers financial services. It connects consumers, merchants, financial institutions, and businesses. This technology company provides payment solutions like credit, debit, and payment programs. There are many job opportunities at the company for professionals who are proficient in C.

Average Salaries for Mastercard Employees Who Use C

  • Senior software engineer | $187,919
  • Lead software development engineer | $151,478
  • Lead database engineer | $181,636


Microsoft is a leading technology company in applications and computer software systems. They produce published books, multimedia titles, electronic game systems, and computer devices. They are a great company to work for as their priority is diversity and inclusion.

Average Salaries for Microsoft Employees Who Use C

  • Software engineering lead | $171,929
  • Senior electrical engineer | $183,283
  • Senior coherence verification engineer | $174,306


Nvidia is popular for the development of integrated circuits. The technology company manufactures graphics processing units. It has played a huge role in the gaming market and parallel computing. The visual computing company looks for professionals with extensive skills in technology.

Average Salaries for Nvidia Employees Who Use C

  • Framework software engineering manager | $232,484
  • Software engineer | $143,685
  • Senior systems software engineer | $171,407


This is a software company that provides open source solutions. Their approach is community-powered to deliver Kubernetes, container, cloud, and Linux. They believe in diversity and inclusion and feature a series of job positions that need technological skills.

Average Salaries for Redhat Employees Who Use C

  • Senior software engineer | $133,413
  • Principal software engineer | $160,024
  • Backend cloud engineer | $97,169

Telegram Messenger

Telegram Messenger is a cross-platform messaging service. Users can carry out video calls, file sharing, and text messaging. It is popular because of its end-to-end encryption and privacy. The company has many job opportunities for those with advanced tech skills.

Average Salaries for Telegram Messenger Employees Who Use C

  • C, C++ software engineer | N/A
  • Site reliability engineer | N/A


VMware is a multi-cloud service provider. They handle virtualization, app modernization, security, and networking. VMware fosters equity, diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities. There are many jobs available for professionals with expertise in tech and beyond.

Average Salaries for VMware Employees Who Use C

  • Software developer | $107,292
  • Backend software engineer | $147,888
  • Senior site reliability engineer | $171,038


YouTube is an online video-sharing platform that also doubles as a social media tool. The video-sharing website boasted over 1.86 billion viewers in 2021. If you’d like to join YouTube, consider acquiring expertise in tech. Below are C jobs you could land if you choose to work for YouTube.

Average Salaries for YouTube Employees Who Use C

  • Principal engineer | $186,649
  • Web solutions engineer | $132,588
  • Staff software engineer | $148,774

C Bootcamps: Who Uses C to Teach Students How to Code?

There are plenty of C bootcamps available to help you learn this object oriented programming language. You can choose to attend in-person or study online C programs. Often, working professionals rely on online C bootcamps to balance their work and studies.

  • Holberton . You can take a deep dive into coding using C by attending the Foundations of Computer Science and low-level algorithms. The program will touch on C programming language, Linux operating system, and Blockchain technology. You will also cover aspects of Shell and data structures.
  • Flatiron School . This is a coding bootcamp that allows students to master C. By attending the bootcamp, you will receive personal facilitation, hands-on lab work, and plenty of real-world projects to add to your portfolio.
  • Thinkful . Thinkful offers bootcamp programs in a variety of technical fields, including C programming. It accommodates students in more than 50 US cities. There are also multiple financing options.

Which Real-World C Use Case Is Right for Me?

A lady sitting outside a restaurant using her laptop. Who Uses C?
Dennis Ritchie created the C programming language during a period of time when he couldn’t have predicted the vital role it would play in technology.

With the wide range of real-world C uses in existence, there are many career paths for you to choose from. One of the most lucrative options is video game development. C is a compiler-based programming language, making it fast in programming video games. It’s important to maintain high standards in user experience. High performance and memory management are crucial when building video games.

You can apply C in video game development not only because of its efficiency, but also because of its popularity. According to Statista, the value of the video games market in the US is 85.6 billion . Nintendo is leading the video game market. With this rise in popularity, building a video game application will open up new job opportunities land you higher pay.

Uses of C FAQ

Is learning C worth it?

Yes, learning C is worth it. There are multiple operating systems, databases, and compilers written in C language. It’s one of the oldest programming languages. By mastering C, you’ll have an easier time learning C++ and C#.

Who uses C?

There are many professionals who use C. Software developers, senior programmers, quality analysts, and programming architects all use it. It is widely used for developing desktop applications, embedded systems, and building system applications.

What is the biggest advantage of using C?

The biggest advantage of using C is that it forms the basis for all other programming languages. The mid-level language provides the building blocks of Python, Java, and C++. It’s a fundamental programming language that will make it easier for you to learn all other programming languages.

When should I use C?

You can use C for low-level and high-level programming. The general-purpose programming language is efficient in scripting for drivers, kernels, and software applications.

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