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Who Uses Java? Companies That Use Java and What Java Is Used For

Ufuoma Ogono - August 05, 2022

Java is a computer language known to everybody who has ever heard of programming. This is understandable given that it is one of the most widely used programming languages on the planet. In this article, you’ll learn about who uses Java, which companies have available positions for Java experts, and where to find some of the best Java bootcamps .

What Is Java?

Java is a class-based, high-level, object oriented programming language that James Gosling designed in 1995. The multi-paradigm language is one of the most popular programming languages in the world of computing. This is because the programming language was created with the intention of requiring as few dependencies as possible while it is being implemented.

The Java virtual machine (JVM) is the technology that allows Java to be used on every type of computer in the world, irrespective of its underlying infrastructure. Since Java is a high-level programming language, it is compiled in the Java virtual machine and turned into Bytecode, a machine-readable language.

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Along with Python and JavaScript, Java is currently one of the most popular programming languages among programmers. The information below shows that developers still use Java as their preferred class-based programming language.

What Is Java Used For?

While the primary use of Java is for programming computer software, there are many other specific uses that are highlighted below. This list will help you choose a career path if you want to learn to code in Java or become a Java developer.

Server-Side or Backend Application Development

Java can be used to create the functional components of an application. Users do not interact with these parts but they are essential for the front end to thrive. Java’s Write Once, Run Anywhere (WORA) philosophy makes it an ideal server-side development tool for all types of operating systems.

In the United States, server-side Java developers earn an average of $121,513 annually, according to ZipRecruiter. Salaries can go as high as $173,500, depending on location and level of experience.

Full Stack Web Application Development

Java can be used to create a variety of applications for the web. As a tool for web development, Java 8 can be applied to design both front end and backend applications. While Java is used as the core technology for full stack web applications , developers will also require knowledge of other web technologies.

If you become a full stack Java developer in the United States, you should expect to earn an average of $119,892 annually, based on data provided by ZipRecruiter. Your salary could range between $63,000 and $167,500.

Distributed Application Development

Java is one of the few programming languages that can be used to build applications either for a single computer network or a distributed system. Distributed Java applications have components spread across various systems rather than a central mainframe.

This is thanks to the Java Intelligent Networking Infrastructure (JINI). According to ZipRecruiter, people who specialize in distributed systems earn up to $134,214 yearly. Salaries may range between $44,000 and $203,500, depending on various factors.

Cloud-Based Application Development

Java is also an ideal programming language for building cloud-based applications. Developers can use Java to create software as a service, popularly known as SaaS. These applications are gaining traction across industries because they are more secure and affordable than traditional systems. Java cloud developers earn $110,645 annually , as ZipRecruiter indicates.

Big Data Engineering

Apart from traditional software development, Java 8 has been applied in big data engineering, particularly big data processing. It is memory-efficient, offers automated memory distribution, and facilitates garbage collection.

According to ZipRecruiter, you should expect to earn an average of $118,943 yearly as a Java big data developer. Depending on the state and your level of experience, salaries could range from as low as $52,500 to as high as $168,000.

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List of Java Companies: Overview

Companies That Use Java Who Uses Java at This Company? What Does This Company Use Java For? Estimated Number of Employees
Airbnb Backend web developers,
Android engineers,
data engineers
Backend/server-side web development, Android development, data engineering 5,597
Amazon Software development engineers Software development 1,298,000
eBay Software engineers
backend software engineers
Software engineering and development, backend software engineering and development 13,300
Google Java Android developer Android development 135,301
Instagram Software engineers, compilers Software engineering and maintenance 400
Meta Platforms Software engineers, compilers, Android software engineers Software engineering and maintenance, Android software engineering 58,604
Microsoft Software engineer Software engineering and development 181,000
Netflix Software engineers,
Android engineers
Software engineering and development,
Android engineering and development
Spotify Android developer,
data engineers, backend developers.
Android mobile application development and maintenance,
developing software for data processing, developing server-side applications
Uber Front end software engineers,
backend software developers,
Android engineers
Software development and maintenance 22,800

List of Companies That Use Java, Expanded

The table above is a glimpse of the top companies that use Java on their websites and for their products or services. The list below provides more insight into the ten companies mentioned and how they use Java.


For over 14 years, Airbnb has been one of the biggest companies for vacation rentals and similar services. The company has a fully functional website with a Java-powered backend. Java SE developers may earn a good compensation package working as part of the team. Note that you will need knowledge of the Dropwizard web service framework to qualify for a position at the company.

Average Salaries for Airbnb Employees Who Use Java

  • Senior Android Software Engineer | $173,909
  • Staff Data Engineer | $164,596
  • Senior/Staff Backend Software Engineer | $172,838


Amazon is not just a big name in the ecommerce sector. It is also renowned as one of the five big tech companies on the globe. Amazon Web Services hires Java developers as part of its software engineering department because it has several web-based application services that are written in Java.

Average Salary for Amazon Employees Who Use Java

  • Software Engineers | $126,035


eBay has managed to maintain its relevance as one of the best ecommerce companies in the US for the last 27 years. The backend of eBay runs on a Java-based technology stack and the Java virtual machine. Java is an ideal choice for the platform because of its scalability and stability.

Average Salaries for eBay Employees Who Use Java

  • Staff Software Engineer | $165,404
  • Sr. Backend Software Engineer | $159,337
  • MTS 2 Software Engineer | $156,153


Google is currently one of the big five technology companies in the globe. It uses Java for a wide range of its operations and is always looking forward to hiring new talent for in-person and remote job opportunities. Google’s Android operating system is currently powered by Java SE and there are millions of devices that use this operating system.

Average Salaries for Google Employees Who Use Java

  • Android Developer | $62,433
  • Staff Data Engineer | $164,596


Instagram is a Meta-owned social media platform that is written with several programming languages, including Java 8. Since 2010, Instagram has been one of the world’s best photo and video-sharing service providers. The company was acquired by Facebook, now Meta, in 2012 and has remained a key part of Meta Platform since then.

Average Salary for Instagram Employees Who Use Java

  • Software Engineer | $141,582

Meta Platforms

Facebook, which now trades under Meta Platforms, is another popular social media and technology company that uses Java as a backend programming language for Android application development. Now officially known as Meta Platforms Inc, the Mark Zuckerberg-owned group has a range of services that rely on Java.

Average Salary for Facebook Employees Who Use Java

  • Meta Facebook Software Engineer | $136,356


Microsoft is also one of the big five tech companies that rely heavily on Java and Azure for its backend services. Java is most popularly used in the Visual Studio Code and Microsoft’s integrated development environment (IDE). As a Java developer, you can apply for several roles at Microsoft, but you need knowledge of other key Microsoft technologies.

Average Salary for Microsoft  Employees Who Use Java

  • Senior Software Developer Engineer | $178,054


Netflix is a global technology firm that uses Java for its Netflix OSS cloud. It is the primary backend technology used by this streaming and movie-production company. Netflix has been an entertainment industry leader since 1997 and also happens to be one of the most popular tech firms.

Average Salaries for Netflix Employees Who Use Java

  • Senior Software Engineer | $179,989
  • Android Platform Senior Software Engineer | $191,964


Since 2006, Spotify has been one of the best music streaming platforms in the world. Like many other complex enterprise systems, Spotify uses Java and a host of other programming languages for its backend services. The Sweden-based company has over 220 million free and 172 million paying customers from across the globe.

Average Salary for Spotify Employees Who Use Java

  • Android Engineer, Developer Experience | $132,715


Uber is an American company that primarily specializes in mobility and has its headquarters in the San Francisco. The company has several online platforms that use Java as the core technology. As a software engineer or Java developer, you can search for jobs at Uber or any other of its subsidiaries.

Average Salaries for Uber Employees Who Use Java

  • Software Engineer II | $126,223
  • Senior Software Developer II | $112,362
  • Android Engineer | $131,436

Java Bootcamps: Who Uses Java to Teach Students How to Code?

Coding bootcamps are accelerated institutes of learning that teach technology with particular emphasis on coding. If you want to learn Java, you can enroll in an online or in-person Java bootcamp. Some great bootcamps that use Java as their primary programming technology are listed below.

  • Coding Dojo . Coding Dojo is one of the best bootcamps to learn Java and all its related technologies. The bootcamp primarily focuses on teaching Java as the key programming language for Android development, embedded systems, data science, and web and software development.
  • The Software Guild . This bootcamp has a Java program that runs for 12 weeks full time. It teaches Java as a programming language and offers the training required to secure a junior developer role in the tech industry. Beginners with no experience can also apply since a prep Java course is available.
  • The Tech Academy . Another great option for mastering Java is the Tech Academy. This bootcamp teaches Java as a tool for Android development. You can opt for the 28-week part-time or 15-week full-time program, depending on what suits you. You will have completed 600 Java coding and training hours by the end of the course.

Which Real-World Java Use Case Is Right for Me?

Person holding a Tablet with a Java developer logo. Who Uses Java?
With Java as your primary tech Stack for network applications, you can get many job opportunities

If you have just started your career in tech and are thinking of learning Java, you will be happy to know that you have made the right choice. Whether you are trying to penetrate the world of big data, cloud application, mobile development, or general software application development, Java is a resilient programming language still being used by top companies today.

Uses of Java FAQ

Who uses Java?

Java has many scientific applications across industries because of its numerous use cases. Finance, Internet, big data, and insurance companies use Java as one of their core technology. It is not just used for website and mobile rapid application development.

Is Java or Python better?

Java is faster than Python, but Python is easier to understand than Java because of its straightforward syntax. Both are general-purpose programming languages that can perform all of the same functions. It all boils down to the software tools you prefer using.

Is Java going away in 2022?

No, Java is not going away in 2022 because it is still a preferred language in enterprise application development by many programmers across the globe. Even if computers do not rely on the Java source code as much as they used to in the past, many big companies still use Java for several purposes.

Should I start with Python or Java?

For a new programmer, it is always advisable to start learning Python first before progressing to Java. This is because the coding syntax for Python is much more similar to the English language, making it a more readable code than Java. However, this doesn’t mean that a beginner will be unable to learn Java.

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