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Accredited Online Colleges in Ohio: What Are the Best Virtual Online Colleges in Ohio?

Farah Abdullah - September 01, 2022

Accredited online colleges in Ohio make distance learning convenient and affordable for students from all walks of life. If you’re looking into getting a degree, virtual schools in Ohio can offer you numerous programs in diverse areas of study. You can take advantage of their comprehensive college education, scholarships, and lower in-state tuition rates.

Getting an online degree from an accredited institution will help you stand out for in-demand jobs at the best companies in Ohio . To find the right institution for your undergraduate or graduate education, keep reading to assess your options among the best online colleges in Ohio. We also detail their accreditation and the online programs they offer in this guide.

Types of Accredited Online Colleges in Ohio

The accreditation process is a way for an accrediting agency to evaluate the curriculum and education of postsecondary institutions. Accreditations are passed periodically to make sure that online colleges continue to improve their quality of education and aim for academic excellence. Ohio State schools typically have two common types of accreditation, regional and national.

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Regionally Accredited Online Colleges

Regionally accredited online colleges receive accreditation from accrediting bodies that cover a specific geographical area . These agencies assess and maintain academic standards. For Ohio schools, the regional governing body is the Higher Learning Commission or HLC. Online colleges with this accreditation can attest to their quality of programs across all degree levels.

Nationally Accredited Online Colleges

Nationally accredited online colleges are covered by accrediting bodies that certify educational institutions like trade schools and vocational colleges such as Bible schools. Generally, for-profit institutions have national accreditation while non-profit institutions have regional accreditation. Comparatively, they have a slightly less rigorous process than regional accreditation.

Choosing Between Virtual Schools in Ohio: 3 Factors to Consider

Undergraduate candidates might find it overwhelming to choose an online learning program. If you’re an incoming student, consider the key factors listed below before deciding on your online college education degree. Ohio has plenty of great virtual schools with the best online program options for your educational needs.


Going to an accredited online college in Ohio translates to getting a premium level of education. This means these schools underwent close scrutiny from accrediting bodies that maintain high standards for education institutions. In return, online students enjoy a high-quality education that they can boast about when applying for their dream job.


Some colleges offer asynchronous learning, online seminars, or recorded sessions to encourage online college students to maximize the benefits of flexible scheduling. A virtual school must also have a wide variety of online undergraduate and graduate programs. Flexibility signifies that an online college gives students room to grow and explore their chosen careers.

Student Support Resources

Graduate students can find navigating their careers quite challenging and they might require some guidance. The best accredited online colleges ensure that you’re well-prepared to write an effective cover letter, give confident interviews, and find employers. Thus, career and student services are also factors to consider in choosing your online school.

Best Online Colleges in Ohio: Overview

School City Standard Online Tuition (Per Credit) Top Online Programs Accreditation
Bowling Green State University Bowling Green In state: $418
Out of state: $429
Master of Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Quality Systems Higher Learning Commission (regional)
Malone University Canton In state: $550
Out of state: $550
Accounting, Business Administration, Social Work Higher Learning Commission (regional)
Miami University Oxford In state: $795
Out of state: $795
Master of Business Administration, Nursing, Educational Technology Higher Learning Commission (regional)
Mount Carmel College of Nursing Columbus In state: $266.67
Out of state: $266.67
Nursing, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Family Nurse Practitioner Higher Learning Commission (regional), Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (national)
Ohio University Athens In state: $240
Out of state: $243
Business Management Technology, Engineering Management, Psychology Higher Learning Commission (regional)
Sinclair Community College Dayton In state:
$131 (Montgomery County residents)
$178 (other Ohio residents)
Out-of-State: $334
Network Engineering, Business Information Systems, Human Resource Management Higher Learning Commission (regional)
Tiffin University Tiffin In state: $460
Out of state: $460
Business Management, Marketing, Computer Science – Software Higher Learning Commission (regional)
University of Toledo Toledo In state: $398
Out of state: $398
Nursing, Energy Engineering, Early Childhood Education Higher Learning Commission (regional)
Washington State Community College Marietta In state: $165
Out of state: $166
Business Management, Health Information Management Technology, Chemical Operator Higher Learning Commission (regional)
Xavier University Cincinnati In state: $570
Out of state: $570
Business Administration, Health Services Administration, Nursing Higher Learning Commission (regional)

Top Online Schools in Ohio: Deep Dive

An online learner enjoying an engaging online discussion. Accredited Online Colleges In Ohio
Candidates can look up graduate admission criteria, admission requirements for degree completion programs, and class schedules on the websites of online colleges.

The following are some of the best online schools in Ohio, including private universities, public research universities, and Christian colleges for those looking for distance learning courses . Keep reading to find out a little bit more about them and their offerings. This section aims to help you choose a distance education program from accredited top virtual schools in Ohio.

Bowling Green State University | Higher Learning Commission

Bowling Green State University (BGSU) is a top public university that offers undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees, graduate certificates, and endorsement programs. BGSU has divided its online programs into seven-week e-campus programs, 15-week distance campus programs, and blended programs with on-campus courses. Currently, some of the test requirements like Praxis and Graduate Record Examination (GRE) are waived for admissions.

Malone University | Higher Learning Commission

Malone University is a private Christian university offering programs designed for a Christ-centered academic experience. It supports online students to thrive with a holistic approach to faith and education. Beyond perfecting teaching skills, its faculty works to instill the attitudes and values that college students need to pursue a successful career and life experience.

Miami University | Higher Learning Commission

Miami University is a top-tier public university that offers an Ivy-league experience at a public school price. It offers a variety of online undergraduate and graduate degree options. It also offers programs for professional development and participative learning. This university also boasts a Leadership Institute to prepare graduates with leadership skills.

Mount Carmel College of Nursing | Higher Learning Commission

Mount Carmel College of Nursing (MCCN) offers a variety of academic degrees in nursing , including the largest private Bachelors of Science in Nursing program in Ohio. It has very high graduation rates and provides financial aid programs for students. The school aims to help you answer your calling to serve people in a nursing career and gain nursing skills .

Ohio University | Higher Learning Commission

Ohio University is highly ranked among the public research institutions offering over 60 online degrees in the fields of arts and engineering. The programs are designed to be easy to navigate and personalized to support you in your goals. You can choose from various online certificate programs, associate degrees, accelerated bachelor’s degrees, and master’s degrees. These programs may be delivered fully online or in a hybrid format.

Sinclair Community College | Higher Learning Commission

Sinclair Community College provides top-tier online resources with certified courses. It offers 61 associate degrees and certificates in a completely online learning environment. Distance learners benefit from this school’s platform, where online students can learn how online courses work and choose from over 300 options to complete degrees and earn certificates.

Tiffin University | Higher Learning Commission

Tiffin University is a nonprofit university offering distance education to online adult learners. Through its online college, you can earn an academic degree in an affordable and flexible manner. Its online programs are authorized by the Ohio Department of Higher Education. It doesn’t require GRE or Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) for online applications. Applicants are assessed through resumes, writing samples, and transcripts.

University of Toledo | Higher Learning Commission

University of Toledo is a public university with a comprehensive offering of online programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. It offers programs in special education, communication studies, healthcare administration, and organizational leadership and management. This school also offers tutoring services and hands-on experiences for professional development.

Washington State Community College | Higher Learning Commission

Washington State Community College offers both occasional online classes and fully online programs to prospective students. This college has three online associate degree programs and two certificate programs. You can take its free online readiness course to see if its online learning model is suitable for you. It also provides career services and resource guides to distance education students.

Xavier University | Higher Learning Commission

Xavier University is a nonprofit and private university recognized for setting students up for success. Its programs also incorporate Jesuit ideals to shape students’ intellectual, moral, and spiritual life. Online students get the same career counseling and learning assistance available to on-campus students.

Should I Consider Accredited Online Colleges in Ohio?

Yes. Accredited online colleges give you the freedom to get an education from the comfort of your home. Full-time candidates can earn an academic degree online while keeping a side hustle or job.

Even if you have a busy schedule, you can still get credentials in fields like healthcare studies, technical studies, educational leadership, public administration, and engineering. Some online colleges also offer licensure programs and online courses in unique areas. These include interdisciplinary studies, emergency management, human services, and ministry leadership.

The best accredited online colleges also offer academic advising and connect you with companies. They hire expert faculty and experienced professionals to help fulfill your educational goals. These accredited schools also have programs that will challenge you to improve your organizational skills and earn professional experience.

Accredited Online Colleges in Ohio FAQ

Can online courses be accredited?

Yes, all programs offered by an accredited institution, including all delivery methods, are approved by accrediting agencies. This makes them ideal options for online learners or anyone seeking an online education. Many options are available as well if you’re searching for an online graduate degree.

Can you go to college completely online?

Many online colleges offer a 100% online format for online degrees. Hybrid courses will require some learning components to be completed on-campus. Undergraduate students can complete a four-year degree with concentration options, with the advantage that many online classes are usually cheaper .

What schools in Ohio are online?

All of the schools mentioned in this article offer online learning. Other educational institutions in this state that offer online education to distance learners are Ohio State University, Kent State University, Youngstown State University, Ohio Christian University, and Ashland University.

Do employers consider online degrees?

Yes, employers consider online degrees. A degree from an accredited online program will be noticeable in your resume because it shows that you’ve learned from a quality curriculum and faculty. So don’t be afraid to opt for undergraduate programs that are fully online.

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