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Rhalyn Claire Maske

Rhalyn Claire is a freelance content writer based in Southeast Asia. Her years of experience as a marketing professional in several startups and international companies shaped her skills and knowledge that she now shares through her content.

T Mobile Hiring Process: How to Land a Job at T Mobile in 2023
T Mobile jobs are favored by employees because of their attractive salaries and benefits packages. Thanks to its reputation, employee satisfaction rate, and quality customer service, working at T Mobile is an indirect platform to learn professional development. Understanding the T Mobile hiring process can give you an advantage if your goal is to land…
Why Every Software Engineer Must Learn AI and Where to Start
Flatiron Software Engineering Instructor Thompson Plyler compares the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) to the “...release of MOSAIC and Netscape in 1994. Or the mobile revolution that followed the release of the iPhone in 2007.” Put simply, it’s the next big thing you should not miss, especially if you aspire to be a software engineer.…
Cloud for Jobs 2.0: Advance In Cloud Computing with Yellow Tail Tech
Yellow Tail Tech’s Cloud for Jobs program has just gotten even better! If you’re looking for cloud training that packs a punch, look no further than Yellow Tail Tech. This year, the Maryland-based edtech company joined forces with Amazon Web Services (AWS) as it became one of its authorized training partners—a milestone that only a…
Supercharge Your Coding Journey: A Deep Dive to Scrimba
Over the past decade, the call for learning how to code has been loud and clear, making it a skill you can’t afford to miss in the digital age. Here are some reasons why: Learning how to code is a crucial skill in the digital age, as it allows you to shape the digital landscape,…
Why Become a Software Engineer in 2023 and How to Get Started
The demand for software experts is booming. According to US News, software development tops of the list for the most sought-after jobs. And it's easy to see why! Being a software developer has some awesome benefits — like the freedom to work remotely and the amazing growth opportunities. You don't even need a computer science…
Yellow Tail Tech and the Rising Demand for Linux Professionals in the AI industry
Linux has become a popular choice for businesses and individuals when it comes to operating systems, especially for applications and infrastructure. Its open-source nature, scalability, and flexibility make it an attractive option for various use cases. Linux is also widely used in artificial intelligence (AI) development which requires large amounts of data processing and storage.…
2023 Coding Bootcamp and Industry Trends: Here’s What You Need to Know
Are you looking to fast-track your career in tech? Then, coding bootcamps are an ideal learning solution for you! Compared to colleges and other learning institutions, attending a bootcamp can get you where you want to be in a much shorter time. But while bootcamp promises may be so enticing, if you don’t select the…
How to Become a Certified Red Hat System Administrator with Yellow Tail Tech
Edtech company Yellow Tail Tech has officially become an authorized training provider for Red Hat, one of the world’s leading open-solutions providers, making it possible for you to fast-track your IT career in only 24 weeks. So, what exactly does that mean for you? Here’s a quick overview: Boost your chances of passing the Red…
App Academy: How to Become a Software Engineer Without a College Degree
Becoming a software engineer has become more accessible than ever as tech companies realize the value of skills over pedigree. Now, you can break into the industry even without formal education. Insights from Hired reveal that around 35 percent of software engineers in 2022 do not have a bachelor’s degree. The tech industry is clear…
Get Hired Faster With General Assembly’s Tech Industry Resources
So, you’re on your search for a bootcamp to help you start a career in coding, data, or UX design. And now, you ponder: Can I land a job after completing the bootcamp? You’ve seen the headlines. In response to slowing economic growth, big tech companies have been letting staff go to cut costs. These…
Get Into GA: A Complete Guide to General Assembly Bootcamp’s Admissions Process
It’s almost impossible to talk about coding bootcamps without mentioning General Assembly. Founded in 2011, General Assembly is known as a pioneer in short-term, immersive tech education. Today, General Assembly offers comprehensive training to prepare learners to make a career in software engineering, data science, data analytics, or UX design. General Assembly welcomes everyone, regardless…
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