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The 10 Best and Most Prestigious Universities in Utah

Simone Du Toit - September 01, 2022

Are you looking for the best universities in Utah? In this article, we will list the top 10 universities in Utah, and provide you with information regarding their rank, graduation rates, and undergraduate enrollment numbers. If you want to know more about the most prestigious universities in Utah, this is the guide for you.

So what are the best universities in Utah? We’ve got the top Utah universities ranked into a list of our top 10. You may be looking for an associate, bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate, or academic studies program. Regardless of your college search parameters, there are numerous university programs available to assist you in achieving your career goals.

How We Defined Utah University Rankings

The National Center for Education Statistics sets the average annual tuition of post-secondary education at public four-year institutions in the US at $25,600. In this article, university rankings were based on graduation rates, variety of education programs, and the number of enrolled undergraduate students.

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Utah Universities Ranked: Top 10 Universities in Utah

  1. Weber State University
  2. University of Utah in Salt Lake City
  3. Brigham Young University-Provo
  4. Southern Utah University
  5. Utah Valley University
  6. Snow College
  7. Dixie State University
  8. Utah State University
  9. Western Governors University
  10. Westminster College

The Best Colleges and Universities in Utah, Explained

Undergraduate study group in a public college studying. Best Universities in Utah
College students can form life-long memories and bonds while attending the best universities in Utah and pursuing an undergraduate degree.

Utah has excellent academic institutions, including private and public colleges and universities. Many offer an academic environment with smaller class sizes, partner programs, and associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs. Several universities also provide a flexible learning environment with the availability of online learning to help students achieve their educational goals.

A wide range of universities offer academic scholarships and financial aid resources to save you money. So, make sure you check this information on the universities’ websites to understand your options better. It is important to note that requirements differ for different universities and programs. The information presented below was sourced from the universities’ official websites to provide you with accurate insights, essential for your academic program search.

1. Weber State University

  • US News Ranking: #77 in Regional Universities
  • Campus Location(s): Ogden, Farmington, Layton, Clearfield, Roy, and Morgan, Utah
  • Undergraduate Enrollment: 28,685
  • Graduation Rate: 36%

Weber State University, founded in 1889, offers on-campus and online learning programs in areas like nursing. Among the 17 graduate degree programs, a new Master of Social Work degree is also included to help you achieve your desired career outcomes.

Even though the class size isn’t very small, students in all majors will still have a wonderful college experience whether they’re on campus or attending Weber State University online.

2. University of Utah in Salt Lake City

  • US News Ranking: #99 in National Universities
  • Campus Location(s): Salt Lake City, Sandy, Saint George, Utah. Incheon Songdo, South Korea, and Kpong, Ghana
  • Undergraduate Enrollment: 24,643
  • Graduation Rate: 70%

The University of Utah in Salt Lake City, founded in 1850, is a flagship institution and research university. Public institutions such as the University of Utah offer students advanced learning through undergraduate programs and graduate degrees. This university also offers the choice of online learning and has additional learning centers across the world.

US News & World Report recognizes the University of Utah as one of the top 10 higher education institutions in the state of Utah. The average tuition fee of $11,347 for residents is well below the national average tuition fee.

3. Brigham Young University-Provo

  • US News Ranking: #79 in National Universities
  • Campus Location(s): Provo, Hawaii, Idaho, and Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Undergraduate Enrollment: 33,365
  • Graduation Rate: 75%

Brigham Young University has four locations, including the Ensign college in Salt Lake City. It is a private university founded, supported, and guided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. A wide range of bachelor’s degrees are offered by this Provo college, and you can also participate in several outdoor recreational activities like sleigh rides.

4. Southern Utah University

  • US News Ranking: #67 in Regional Universities West
  • Campus Location(s): Cedar City, Utah
  • Undergraduate Enrollment: 11,249
  • Graduation Rate: 50%

Southern Utah University is a public university with an 18-to-one student-to-faculty ratio. This means that you can have the required attention from faculty when you need it. It boasts a 92 percent graduate school acceptance rate. It offers online and on-campus learning, and various undergraduate, baccalaureate, and master’s programs. Southern Utah University boasts a 94 percent employment rate regarding its graduates.

5. Utah Valley University

  • US News Ranking: #94-122 in Regional Universities West
  • Campus Location(s): Logan, Blanding, Brigham City, Price, Moab, Taylorsville, Southwest,
  • Tooele, and Vernal, Utah
  • Undergraduate Enrollment: 41,186
  • Graduation Rate: 33%

Utah Valley University was founded in 1888 and is one of our nation’s best public universities. It is also a research institution that provides a variety of career-oriented associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs, as well as certificates and diplomas. Many of these are offered as distance learning courses too.

Extension courses are additional courses designed to enrich the lives of students and the community. You can learn about food safety or yard and garden maintenance. Utah Valley University brings the classroom outside and adds real-world, hands-on experiences to your education.

6. Snow College

  • US News Ranking: #28 in Regional Colleges West
  • Campus Location(s): Ephraim and Richfield, Utah
  • Undergraduate Enrollment: 5,383
  • Graduation Rate: 41%

Snow College, founded in 1888 by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, offers associate degrees for students in the arts and science or applied science programs. It also provides access to vocational certifications and diplomas, including a Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering or Music. Snow College also offers housing and lots of activities for its student body to enjoy.

7. Dixie State University

  • US News Ranking: #37-48 in Regional Colleges West
  • Campus Location(s): Saint George, Utah
  • Undergraduate Enrollment: 11,160
  • Graduation Rate: 38%

Dixie State University has educated students since 1911 and today provides academic programs that include associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees, many of which are available online. The graduate programs at this public school will give every graduate student an excellent experience in each semester of college, all the way to graduation.

Two programs that are exclusively available online are the Health Administration Bachelor of Applied Science and the Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs. Dixie University is one of the most affordable universities in Utah compared to other similar institutions.

8. Utah State University

  • US News Ranking: #249 in National Universities
  • Campus Location(s): Logan, Tremonton, Brigham City, Wendover, Kaysville, Salt Lake, Park City, Tooele, Heber City, Orem, Nephi, Eastern (Price), Castle Dale, Ephraim, Delta, Richfield, Beaver, Junction, Bicknell, Vernal, Roosevelt, Panguitch, Cedar City, Saint George, Kanab, Moab, Monticello, Blanding, Monument Valley, and Montezuma Creek, Utah and Cortez, Colorado.
  • Undergraduate Enrollment: 24,647
  • Graduation Rate: 48%

Utah State University, founded in 1888, offers many career-driven degree programs such as technical certificates, undergraduate programs, graduate degrees, and doctorate programs. Utah State University has loads of campuses across Utah, including one in Colorado. It also offers online learning programs, making it easy to pursue a course you may be interested in.

Utah State University has 8,300 on-campus jobs for students to take advantage of, including work-study programs. If you plan on working your way through college, this will be a preferred school for you.

9. Western Governors University

  • US News Ranking: N/A
  • Campus Location(s): Salt Lake City, Utah; Indianapolis, Indiana; Clayton, Missouri; Durham, North Carolina; Columbus, Ohio; Franklin, Tennessee; Austin, Texas; Kent, Washington
  • Undergraduate Enrollment: 104,919
  • Graduation Rate: 33%

Western Governors University works on a competency-based education model and has several campuses across the US. It also provides online distance learning courses. Western Governors University offers bachelor’s degree programs, master’s programs, some certificate programs, and several post-master’s certificates.

10. Westminster College

  • US News Ranking: #18 in Regional Universities West
  • Campus Location(s): Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Undergraduate Enrollment: 1,156
  • Graduation Rate: 69%

Westminster College, established in 1875, is a private college that provides comprehensive liberal arts educational experiences through accredited programs. It offers associate and bachelor’s degrees in various subjects. Its community service programs have seen much success, with student engagement racking up to 450,000 hours.

Westminster College has over 40 clubs and organizations to keep student life with your school friends interesting when you’re not on a class schedule. This is a great college choice for any college freshman who is looking to get a solid foundation in the social aspect of school.

Is a University in Utah Right for You?

Yes, a university in Utah is right for you if attending a university or getting a college degree is possible. A university or college education with an associate, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree can help you get a higher-paying salary and avoid unemployment, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

If you cannot or don’t want to attend a university or college to acquire the educational qualifications you might need, consider attending a bootcamp. According to Career Karma’s State of the Bootcamp Market Report 2021 , the average bootcamp cost is around $11,727.

Bootcamps provide several courses that can get you job-ready within a few weeks or months. The best bootcamps offer job services like mock interviews, resume building, and access to mentors. The University of Utah’s bootcamp has positive reviews and offers designated class times that are sure to work for you.

Best Universities in Utah FAQ

Do universities offer academic scholarships and financial aid in Utah?

Yes, most universities and colleges offer academic scholarships and financial aid in Utah. Students are provided with assistance through the US Department of Education’s Office of Federal Student Aid . Students can also have access to an academic scholarship to help them finance their education.

Do all universities offer all kinds of degrees, including terminal degrees?

No, all universities do not offer all kinds of degrees. Each university offers different academic programs. Some universities will provide degrees only as high as a bachelor’s degree, and others will offer terminal degrees, such as master’s degrees and PhDs.

Which is the best university in Utah for scientific research?

The best university in Utah for scientific research is the University of Utah. With ranking information from the US News & World Report, it is 62nd in biological sciences, 32nd in chemistry, 18th in organic chemistry, 41st in earth sciences, 43rd in computer sciences, and 61st in physics.

Can I get a good job without a degree?

Yes, you can get a good job without a degree. You can attend a bootcamp as an alternative to a university and acquire technical education and training. Career Karma’s State of the Bootcamp Market Report 2021 shows that bootcamp graduates can secure employment with some prestigious companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.

About us: Career Karma is a platform designed to help job seekers find, research, and connect with job training programs to advance their careers. Learn about the CK publication.

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Simone Du Toit

About the author: Simone has worked in management for over 20 years and uses her experience hiring, coaching, and supporting others to help Career Karma readers thrive in their new careers. Along with her managerial experience, Simone has taught English as a second language to students in Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. She holds certificates in Retail Leadership Development and Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

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