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Top 10 Big Companies Using Angular

AJ Condez - February 11, 2022

Big companies that use Angular come from various industries, including airline, tech, and publication. They use Angular to optimize their web pages and mobile applications to provide a seamless customer experience for their users.

Furthermore, popular websites use Angular to curate their content for a more straightforward design. These include email service providers, information databases, and stock photo galleries. This article will list the largest companies that use Angular. You may find yourself wondering, what is Angular, anyway? Read on to find out.

What Is Angular?

Angular is a free and open source TypeScript-based web application framework particularly used for building single-page websites and mobile applications. Furthermore, it’s supported by multiple operating systems and it’s part of the MEAN technology stack. It provides developers with all the necessary tools that aid in the development process of websites.

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Furthermore, an Angular application uses a single framework for the app development process. Developers can create the code for their mobile app, and Angular allows them to cater to both iOS and Android. Its multifaceted nature makes it very popular among developers and companies.

What Are the Advantages of Angular?

  • Cross-Platform Developer . Angular can be used with a wide array of operating systems. Windows, macOS, and Linux all support Angular.
  • Full Front End Package . Angular is part of the MEAN technology stack that fully offers developers the necessary app development tools. The MEAN tech stack provides all the tools needed for dynamic web applications and faster mobile development.
  • Two-Way Data Binding . Angular uses dependency injection and two-way data binding to synchronize the code with the model and view components. This saves software developers time because they don’t have to keep going back and forth.
  • TypeScript . This allows you to create lines of code templates to use for future version releases or other software development processes. Code reusability is a great advantage of Angular, increasing productivity and efficiency.
  • Angular Modules . These are additional modules that let developers copy code from previous versions to the current version of their software.

Some of the popular websites made with Angular are listed below. They include an email service provider, an extensive library of stock photos, an information database, and two tech companies that deliver custom software development solutions.


Gmail is an email service provider created by Google. It’s a popular platform that caters to many active users. Moreover, it’s a single-page web app with a straightforward design that provides a seamless user experience.


iStock is an image database that provides royalty-free stock photos for commercial and personal use. Its entire website is built using Angular, which provides an app-like experience.


Wikiwand is an ereader website designed to add a modern twist to Wikipedia’s design structure. It presents itself as a wrapper design for Wikipedia, bringing a new navigational feature under a single page application.


Grasshopper is a virtual phone system provider that creates a separate communication line for each business transaction. It uses Angular for its mobile app for both Android and iOS.


Overleaf is cloud-based word processing software that’s built for research and scientific publications. It allows users to collaborate on a single document and includes other features such as document history and ready-made templates. Angular is used to optimize the loading time on the website’s front page.

Largest Companies That Use Angular: At a Glance

Company Revenue Number of employees
Samsung $223.04 billion (2021) 109,940 (2021)
Microsoft $168.1 billion (2021) 181,000 (2021)
Google $161.9 billion (2021) 139,995 (2021)
Santander $54.1 billion (2021) 191,189 (2020)
Deutsche Bank $28.5 billion (2021) 84,659 (2021)
Paypal $21.5 billion (2020) 26,500 (2020)
Delta Airlines $29.9 billion (2021) 74,000 (2020)
JetBlue Airways $4.52 billion (2021) 15,450 (2020)
UpWork $0.47 billion (2021) 540 (2020)
Forbes $400 million (2021) 11,978 (2021)

Biggest Companies Using Angular: A Closer Look


Samsung is a multinational tech company that’s based in South Korea. It manufactures consumer electronics like smartphones, televisions, and tablets. It uses the Angular development framework for its Samsung Forward page to deliver visually appealing navigational features that improve the customer experience.


Microsoft is an American multinational company responsible for making computer software and hardware. It uses Angular technology with its Microsoft Office software. This allows it to fully integrate Angular tools with its Office 365 web applications.


Google is a global tech giant that provides Internet-related services and digital products. Angular is used for apps such as the Google Play Store, Google Voice, and Google Arts and Culture.

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Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank is a multinational investment firm that’s based in Frankfurt, Germany. The firm offers financial services and products to 58 countries. The Deutsche Bank Developer Portal was created with Angular to provide an API system for a quick development process for the bank’s customers.


Paypal is an American tech company that delivers an ecommerce application. It provides safe and secure online payment channels through real-time transactions. It uses the AngularJS framework as a security measure for system transactions.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is one of the biggest airline companies in the US. The homepage of its website is integrated with the Angular framework. This makes the pages load faster and provide a more responsive user experience to clients.


Santander Bank is a retail bank that’s based in Boston, Massachusetts. It’s a subsidiary bank that’s owned by the Spanish Santander Group. With dedicated teams of Angular developers, it has created a wide range of Internet-based financial solutions for its clients.

JetBlue Airways

JetBlue Airways is a major airline company that’s headquartered in New York City. Using Angular’s fantastic features and app development tools, it has created both a website and mobile application that provide smooth navigation for its customers.


Upwork is a popular platform for freelancers and employers looking for remote work setups. It uses Angular components within its tech stack to provide a versatile single-page web application that caters to its users.


Forbes is a subscription-based online magazine that delves into different business topics like marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship. With over 100 million page visits, it uses Angular to keep up with the publication demands of journalism and its readers.

Angular Alternative Comparisons

different coding tags on a black screen Companies That Use Angular
Many companies utilize Angular to provide a good user experience for their customers.

Below are the top three alternative frameworks to Angular. They provide different customizations and user interfaces that Angular may not offer. Moreover, they offer various features and tools that set them apart from Angular.


React is an open source front end framework that uses a JavaScript library to build different web interfaces. The advantage of React versus Angular is that React allows you to develop new code and features within React without compromising your previous stack. You can also boot your mobile applications through React Native, a JavaScript program that lets you create both iOS and Android apps.


Polymer allows the user to create custom components with HTML. Netflix and Google both use this open source JavaScript library. The customization of features is something that Angular’s framework lacks.


Aurelia is a developer-friendly open source framework that supports custom HTML elements, two-way data binding systems, and framework testing. It has extensive libraries of development tools that provide a robust and stable framework. Aurelia is different from Angular because of its clean and simple API.

What’s the Best Way to Learn Angular?

The best way to learn Angular is through a coding bootcamp. Coding bootcamps provide you with the key information and skills to prepare you for future success. Moreover, there are Angular courses, tutorials, and certifications that you can enroll in to further develop your knowledge and expertise in Angular.

Coding bootcamps are training grounds for aspiring developers to prepare themselves and be job-ready. A coding bootcamp typically lasts between 16-17 weeks for full-time or 34-35 weeks for part-time, depending on the school. Furthermore, you can choose between in-person bootcamps and online bootcamps.

There are free coding bootcamps that you can consider before committing financially to a paid one. These provide a primer on what a coding bootcamp is like and extensive information on the topics offered. Below are the best Angular bootcamps that deliver top-notch, high-quality education.

Top Angular Bootcamps

Should You Learn Angular?

You should learn Angular due to its popularity and integrative tech stack. It offers a lot of popular tools like dependency injection and two-way data binding that can streamline the coding process. Furthermore, since huge companies commonly use it, they will typically seek Angular developers to manage their code.

Companies That Use Angular FAQ

Can a coding bootcamp help me land an Angular job?

Yes, a coding bootcamp can help you land an Angular job. There are online Angular courses that you can consider before enrolling in a coding bootcamp. You also don’t have to be concerned about getting a job after enrolling in a coding bootcamp because there are tons of companies that hire bootcamp graduates .

Do Angular jobs pay well?

Angular jobs pay well. According to ZipRecruiter, the national average salary of an Angular developer is around $109,670. Moreover, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , software developers have a job growth outlook of 22 percent, with about 189,200 job openings expected.

Is it easy to learn Angular?

Yes, if you have prior knowledge of JavaScript then learning Angular will be easy. However, if you have no prior knowledge of JavaScript, you may find it difficult to learn Angular. There are online JavaScript courses that can prepare you for Angular.

Can I use Angular for websites?

You can use Angular for websites. Angular websites have a robust framework with efficient loading times. Since it has reusable components, you can use Angular in all the different sections of your website.

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