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How Long Does It Take to Learn Programming?

Reviewed by: Anabelle Zaluski
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Comments (5)
  1. Avatar Herman Rios says:

    I completed the 21 day challenge. Now, I was accepted into Flatiron Bootcamp. Now, most importantly I see the progress in my goal. If all continues to go as planned, this time, next year I will be a graduate. Amd I will be employed as a programmer.

  2. Avatar unknown says:


  3. Avatar Gerard Lu says:

    I’m currently studying and learning Javascripts on my own for now. Although it’s very new to me, I want to be familiar with how this coding language goes but eventually I’ll be going to a bootcamp as soon as I’ve gained confidence to take the next step with what I’ve learned on my own. Since I’m a beginner, would you recommend any online courses for beginners? or apps that I can use to study Java

  4. Avatar Damian says:

    Where is the 21 Day Challenge please?

    1. Chad M. Crabtree Chad M. Crabtree says:

      Hi, Damian! Sorry for the delayed response! You can find info on the #21DayCKChallenge here.

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