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Learn to Code for Free: 60+ Coding Tools to Learn Python, Ruby, C++, and More

Chad M. Crabtree - June 20, 2022

Learning to code opens up several job opportunities for you. These include higher wages, increased employment potential, and a wide variety of sectors to work in. People have changed their lives by learning how to code. This leaves you with the big challenge of figuring out where and how to start coding.

More importantly, how can you learn to code without paying a ton of money as you would for a computer science degree? Luckily, there are more coding resources to help you learn how to code for free than you could imagine.

This is the ultimate guide for programming beginners who want to learn to code without pursuing a degree. Below you’ll learn about the best coding tools that can help you jumpstart your programming career.

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Learning to Code: How to Start

Before we get into the list, let’s look at the steps to get started. Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll be ready to start your coding journey.

1. Why Should You Start Learning to Code?

If you’re looking to work in the tech industry, then learning to code is a good first step to take.

Do you want to become a software engineer or mobile app developer full-time? Are you just interested in picking up the basics to design and code your own basic websites? Or do you want to dig deeper into the theory of computer science or learn to code games?

Most online coding classes are geared towards one of those use cases. That’s why it’s important to decide upfront what you hope to get out of each of the resources. If you don’t have clear goals, you’re much less likely to stick with coding.

2. What’s Your Coding Experience Level?

The next question you need to ask yourself has to do with your experience and existing programming skills. If you’re interested in web development, do you already know the basics of HTML5, CSS3 , and JavaScript? If so, some free coding courses might be too easy for you. That said, there are lots of free online courses that teach you more advanced programming concepts.

If you are a complete beginner, take advantage of resources that go over the fundamental concepts of coding. Even if you have no tech skills, there are plenty of courses that teach you the basics and even allow you to do actual programming so you can put what you’ve learned to the test.

3. How Much Time and Effort Can You Devote to Learning to Code?

Before you start your path to study coding, determine how much time you can commit. People often wonder how long it takes to become a coder. With enough time and dedication, it can only take a few months to become a coder at a professional level. However, getting there demands concentration and lots of practice .

Several coding courses are designed to cater to people who have busy schedules. Many of the resources below offer a one-hour tutorial to help you learn to code fast. Other programs provide short coding challenges to keep you studying throughout your day and improving your skills.

4. Which Is the Right Programming Language to Start With?

Some people start with a popular programming language. They choose to learn to code in Python because of its versatility. Others learn how to code based on a career path. Programming languages can vary wildly. If you’re entirely new to programming, consider checking out some of the easiest coding languages to learn .

The number of programming languages you can learn is staggering. And with so many types of coding languages , you’ll first need to figure out which language you should tackle first.

Where Can You Learn to Code for Free?

Now, let’s dive into the full list of coding apps, courses, and websites to learn to code for free in 2021. This list is designed for everyone, no matter what your learning style or career goals may be. If you’re new to programming or you want to brush up on your skills with various code challenges, then this comprehensive guide is for you.

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Free Coding Bootcamps

Online and in-person coding bootcamps are an effective way to increase your coding skills. Most bootcamps are designed for complete beginners and they train you from coding beginner to professional.

Paid bootcamps are great ways for you to learn to code from experienced instructors. Most bootcamps also have partners to help you find a job after graduating. You also gain access to career services, mentors, and other tools to prepare you for a new tech career .

However, there are several free coding bootcamps for those that want to teach themselves how to code without paying a dime. These resources may also serve as stepping stones to the paid and immersive coding bootcamps.

App Academy Open

App Academy Open logo

The popular coding bootcamp App Academy offers its entire full stack development curriculum for $0 on its online learning platform App Academy Open .

GA Dash

General Assembly GA Dash Logo

One of the most renowned coding bootcamp institutions, General Assembly provides its own no-cost project-based bootcamp known as GA Dash . It’s a great introductory course for students just starting out. It can also double as a coding bootcamp prep course for General Assembly’s immersive programs or other bootcamps.

Skillcrush Free Coding Camp

The free coding bootcamp from Skillcrush is a great place to start for complete beginners. You’ll get an introduction to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Further, you’ll study the basics of web design, user experience, and WordPress. You also receive a discount on one of their paid courses to take your studies to the next level.

Coding Challenges

It is important to get lots of practice when learning to code. And one of the best ways to get that practice is with coding challenges. Coding challenges also help develop your problem-solving skills and computational thinking.

You can find tons of great coding challenges for JavaScript , Python, Java, and any other popular programming language online. Here are a few of our favorite places for free coding challenges.


codesignal logo

CodeSignal is a learning platform for practicing and testing coding skills. It has an integrated console, and you can code in a variety of languages. The dashboard allows you to see your streaks and earn badges. Some companies use CodeSignal to give out technical challenges to applicants. So you might get a link to complete a coding challenge through CodeSignal when applying to a job.


edabit mascot

Edabit takes the challenge of learning to code the most popular programming languages and turns it into an interactive activity via coding games. You’ll take on thousands of challenging levels as you improve your coding abilities. It’s a fun way for people of all age levels to start their coding journey. logo is a learning platform that offers several tracks to get you started in your coding journey. You get feedback on submissions and a bunch of languages to practice. As you progress, you can become a mentor and help out the community of aspiring coders.


HackerRank logo

HackerRank is a great resource if you would like to upskill with coding challenges. Every problem has its own IDE with tests. There is a game component to it as well. You earn ‘hackos’ when you solve problems that you can later use to buy test cases.

Free Coding Apps

With the impressive number of programming apps available, you can learn essential skills in programming or practice your programming no matter where you are. Below, you’ll find some of the best no-cost coding apps for beginners . is a collaborative, browser-based development environment. Using, you can run code in dozens of languages, from HTML to Java, right from your browser. You can share the code you write in so you can easily collaborate with friends and other developers on a project.


grasshopper app logo

When it comes to no-cost apps to learn to code in JavaScript, our favorite is Google’s Grasshopper app . Grasshopper will teach you the basics of JavaScript programming. If you’re interested in learning JavaScript and want to learn to code for no charge, Grasshopper is a great place to start.

Grasshopper app screenshot


knowin app logo

The Knowin app is a newer education app that uses entertaining learning paths to teach JavaScript, Python, and Swift. Start programming with its command line tutorial and then start practicing writing lines of code for any number of programming languages.

knowin app screenshot


py app logo

Py is a slick app that provides tutorials in a range of subjects and programming languages. With the Py app , you can learn Python, SQL, R, Swift, HTML, JavaScript, and more.

Py app screenshot


The SoloLearn app is one of the best mobile apps for learning content in programming, data science, and web development. The text-based interface provides code samples to help you learn before letting you try things out on your own.

SoloLearn screenshot

Most of the content on SoloLearn costs $0. But you can opt to buy a subscription through the app store for an ad-free experience and premium materials.

Free Coding Classes and Courses Online

When you’re just starting out with learning to code, it’s a good idea to find a complete course that covers the fundamentals of coding. These are the kinds of resources you will have to really devote time and effort to. Take a look at this list of free online coding courses and video tutorials.

After Hours Programming

With After Hours Programming , you can learn and practice web development via freebie tutorials. The platform has some PHP lessons that are popular.

Bento is an excellent option for any absolute beginners who have no programming experience. The site compiles the best the web has to offer for web development students into “tracks.” Each track is like a syllabus for each part of your development training.


BitDegree is a massive repository of courses on everything from software engineering to WordPress development. While the platform offers paid courses, many of its excellent training programs are available free.

Career Karma

career karma logo

That’s right! One of the best places on the web to dig into programming is right here on Career Karma. We have hundreds of detailed tutorials on HTML , CSS , JavaScript , Ruby , Git , C++ , Python , and more. Each tutorial is complete with code samples so you can be sure you’ve got the material locked in.

Code Avengers

The online learning platform Code Avengers offers a free trial for students of web development. Courses include an interactive learning environment, code playground, videos, and text-based instruction.

Codeasy is a clever site that uses an interactive story format to teach you the basics of C++. If you’re not sure how to learn to code and want something that takes you from the very first step to more advanced concepts, then this site is a great place for you to start.


Codecademy is easily one of the most well-known free coding resources, and for good reason. You’ll have to pay for their unlimited “Pro” subscription, but their no-cost “Basic” plan is more than enough to get you started.

Codecademy screenshot

With Codecademy, you can study just about any coding topic you can think of. Pick up skills in web development or Android and iOS development. Or discover their full range of programming languages, including Java, Ruby, C++, R, PHP, Go, Swift, and Kotlin. They even have plenty of options for data science, machine learning, and data analysis.

Code Conquest

Code Conquest is a great resource for finding useful tutorials, training, web development tools, and lots of other stuff. It also provides advice and recommendations for apps and programming project ideas.

Code with Chris

While Code with Chris does offer paid learning content, it also provides a free iOS app development course. If you want to learn Swift to program iPhone and iPad applications, this is an excellent place to start. He’ll even send you a printed certificate of completion.



The Coursera online learning platform is one of the most popular and user-friendly online coding schools out there. Designed for people who want to learn a variety of skills and topics, Coursera offers several coding lessons and courses for beginners. Coursera has outstanding free (audit) training courses taught by software engineers at some of the most prestigious institutions in the world.



Like Coursera, edX is an online learning platform that offers courses in a variety of disciplines, taught by professors at top universities like Stanford. While you can purchase the courses and earn a certification, most are available for free under the computer science category. A great place to start is Stanford’s Computer Science 101 .


freecodecamp logo

Perhaps the most popular no-charge programming and web development courses are the ones offered by the appropriately named freeCodeCamp . This online learning platform provides no-cost, ad-free coding tutorials in the following fields:

  • Responsive web design
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • Front end libraries
  • Data visualization
  • APIs and microservices
  • Quality assurance
  • Python
  • Information security

What’s more, you even get a certificate of completion at the end of each course. These certificates are great for displaying on your LinkedIn page or including in a technical resume .

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Python

Whether you are a novice or experienced developer, you’ll find a breadth of knowledge to draw from in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Python . The handbook offers installation, configuration, and best practices modules. It also gives multiple Python use cases in areas like web, command line, databases, and scientific applications.

Get your feet wet with HTML with the tutorials, references, and other resources available at This site has tons of great material to learn to code at no charge to you. Be sure to check out its excellent HTML cheat sheet .


The appeal of HTML Dog is in its “bare-bones” presentation. The site offers tutorials, references, and code examples to help the beginning developer. HTML Dog also has a section on techniques for implementing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript together. is the official resource of the popular JavaScript library. Learn everything about jQuery including API documentation, plugins, and browser support.

Khan Academy

khan academy free

Possibly the most popular online learning platform around, Khan Academy doesn’t just offer courses in academic subjects. It also provides free courses in computer science and computer programming . Khan Academy’s courses include both video and text-based learning methods. offers an interactive tutorial for those getting started with JavaScript. It offers hundreds of exercises from beginner to more advanced concepts.

As an interactive platform for those beginning with the language, teaches basic concepts all the way to more complex ones.

A List Apart

A well-established blog, A List Apart is focused on web standards and best practices. With over 20 years worth of content, it is also a good resource for UX ideas and conversations on the latest trends.

Machine Learning Mastery

Machine Learning Mastery is a blog and community with over 1,000 tutorials and e-books. For those that are starting out, it offers tutorials and step-by-step guides on commonly used algorithms in machine learning.

Mammoth Interactive

Mammoth Interactive is an online educational platform with a wide variety of web development, machine learning, data science, and business courses. Some of its courses are cross-offered in other platforms such as Udemy. You can buy courses individually or subscribe to get access to all courses for a monthly fee.

Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) JavaScript

The MDN for JavaScript is a well-established documentation portal created by Mozilla. It’s a go-to coding resource for those who want to learn JavaScript.

MIT Open Courseware

The MIT OpenCourseware website is basically a catalog of materials from hundreds of past MIT classes. Head on over and start learning from some of the best software engineers in the world at no cost.

The Odin Project

odin project free coding bootcamp

The Odin Project is a remarkable open-source coding curriculum available online to anyone who wants to learn to code for free. There are currently two “tracks” you can pursue at The Odin Project. They are Full Stack Ruby on Rails, and Full Stack JavaScript. The learning content at The Odin Project also includes tutorials on the basics of Git version control and various developer tools.

Python Foundation

The official website of the Python Foundation keeps you up to date on the latest developments in Python. Access the official documentation on the latest software updates and features.

React Armory

React Armory is an educational coding website focusing on React content. It lets you use a web IDE to code in React from your browser. For beginners in programming, it takes away some setup nuances and gets you learning how to code React fast.


If you want to build applications with Ruby on Rails, your first stop should be Rails Guides . Here, you’ll find tons of thorough tutorials and detailed code samples to get you through every step of the development process.

Ruby in 20 Minutes

Interested in getting started with Ruby programming and want to learn to code fast? If so, look no further than the official Ruby website, which offers a short, 20-minute introduction to the Ruby language .

Ruby Koans

Ruby Koans offers edge case Ruby challenges to learn the language, syntax structure, and common functions and libraries. To get started, you download the koan coding challenges and you make progress by passing tests.


RubyMonk offers free interactive coding tutorials from beginner programmers to advanced. In each of the lessons, there are inline IDEs so you can test and practice writing Ruby code. logo

If you’re interested in cutting-edge web development technology, check out Scotch . The website is full of top-notch courses and tutorials on topics like JavaScript, React, and Vue.


Scrimba offers a wide variety of courses on web development and different frameworks. Some of its courses are free; others you need to pay for. The platform’s UI is clean, and you can code as you watch the tutorials.


Thinkster offers no-cost courses, and you can upgrade to premium classes, as well. Its Angular fundamentals course has over 100 lessons and is very popular with beginners.


udacity coding bootcamps

Udacity is certainly a top destination for those wanting to work on their web development and software engineering skills. The slick interface and interactive learning environment make Udacity one of the best coding teachers you’ve ever had.

udacity screenshot

You really can learn just about everything on Udacity, no matter your skill level. Get started with web development or Android basics. Or even jump right into some AI deep dive courses. With Udacity’s interactive learning platform, the sky’s the limit. And with Udacity’s nanodegrees, you get to show off your hard work to potential employers.



In general, you can learn almost anything on Udemy. And while the platform does offer paid courses, there are plenty of free coding classes to go around. You can work on everything from Android development and data science to software engineering and WordPress development. Udemy also has classes in topics adjacent to tech, like marketing. offers official docs and the latest news for the popular JavaScript framework. You can check its open-source repository and check out its getting-started tutorials.



Other than maybe StackExchange, w3schools might just be the most useful resource for any new (or experienced) web developer. W3Schools is a comprehensive reference for web development. But it also offers free tutorials on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, SQL, PHP, C++, and more. There’s a good reason w3schools is one of the most trusted websites for student developers. If you have a question about HTML, JS, or CSS, w3schools likely has the answer.

Coding YouTube Channels

One of the most popular ways to learn to code these days is to watch free coding courses and tutorials on YouTube. There are tons of great coding channels on YouTube , so you’ll have no trouble finding at least a couple of sources for programming wisdom.

Other Free Coding Websites, Blogs, and Resources

Even after all that, there are still a number of excellent resources that just didn’t quite fit into the other categories. This list is a grab-bag that includes blogs, reference sites, e-books, and other useful places on the web to help you start programming.

A Byte of Python

A Byte of Python is a free e-book that’s great for those starting to learn Python 3. The book’s simple English is beginner-friendly for K-12 to higher education audiences.

Conquering the Command Line

Learn all the most useful Linux/Unix commands with Conquering the Command Line . The e-book is robust, easy to read, and costs nothing to access online.


CSS-Tricks is your one-stop shop for anything related to Cascading Style Sheets, more commonly known as CSS. You’ll find coding tutorials, examples, advice, and other tips and tricks throughout the site.

Eloquent JavaScript

Eloquent JavaScript is an online resource for learning how to program using JavaScript. Learn all the ins and outs of the language with exercises built straight into the book.

Git Immersion

Git Immersion is an interactive online tutorial on all the fundamentals of Git. Clean UI and easy-to-follow practical exercises, it’s a Git primer for beginners. is a database where you can search for coding tutorials and coding courses. You can filter courses by cost, community upvotes, and format.

Learn Enough Command Line to Be Dangerous

Learn Enough Command Line to Be Dangerous is a well-known resource to master the command line to navigate Unix-based systems. It’s available for free, and you can upgrade to access additional features.


Learn to code for $0 with the HTML and CSS tutorials at . It provides a clean and modern UI and is a great resource for beginners and those that want to learn the basics.

Try Git

If you really want to become a professional developer, you’ll have to master version control with Git. Luckily, there is a great list of Git resources available for free on GitHub.


UXPin offers a great wireframing tool for UX development. You can make wireframes, and changes can be viewed by other team members.

Start Your Coding Career

Free coding resources are a great way for beginner programmers to start their journey. Many people use these coding classes to teach themselves to code from home. However, there are ways to improve your skills further so you can get a career in tech.

If you want to become a professional coder, then consider taking your skills to the next level through a paid coding course or coding bootcamp.

For people who want to learn to code fast, coding bootcamps train you for a career in coding through various programs. If price is a factor, consider some of the many financing options coding bootcamps have to offer, such as income share agreements, scholarships , and deferred tuition payment plans.

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