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Which is the Best Programming Language in the World?

Paul Larkin - January 04, 2021

When you start your programming career, you’re going to encounter a ton of new coding languages. You’ll work with old languages and new ones, and you’ll encounter tried-and-true languages and cutting-edge experimental codes. So, which is the best programming language in the world? Which language can you fall back on whenever you need a reliable old buddy to help you through your issues and produce a great application?

You’ll discover the answer in this article. We’ve done the research and are back from the trenches to share our discoveries with you. Because the best programming language depends on the platform for which you’re writing, we look at several platforms and identify the ideal language for each. We show you the best language for programming Android applications, and we also let you in on the top language for web development. Ready? Aaaaand.. we’re off.

Let’s get started!

JavaScript: The Best Programming Language for Web Development

When you work in web development, you want to use a reliable and flexible language that works in a variety of circumstances. JavaScript is the current all-time champ language for web development—it’s the most popular language around, period, and is perfect for front end web development, thanks to its wide range of frameworks and libraries.

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JavaScript has been the number one choice for web development for years, and thanks to its longevity, a whole passel of tools have cropped up to help you work with it more efficiently. Angular, jQuery, React, Ember, and Vue are all designed to assist you in the development process and make working with JavaScript a treat. You can even run JavaScript on backend server applications.

Java: Android Development Hero

When you work with Android-based smartphones, Java is your best friend. Java relies on Java Virtual Machine to operate, and thanks to its high-level character, the language is incredibly simple to learn and use compared to other mobile app languages. Java is often the first language that new coders learn, and for a good reason: the language is intuitive and easy to modify for individual tasks.

Java is the mobile developer’s choice due to its speed and scalability. Java also doesn’t require you to keep tabs on memory usage and other behind-the-scenes action as it does all of the grunt work for you without your input. That leaves you free to work on your programming, rather than spend all of your time on housekeeping chores. You can work with Java on Mac, PC, Linux, or Java compiler.

That’s the whole rodeo, my beautiful readers. Figuring out which programming language is the best in the world is a tough job, which is why we’ve thrown our hat into the ring.

What’s your opinion of what the best programming language in the world might be? Let us know your thoughts in our comments section below.

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Paul Larkin

About the author: Paul Larkin has years of experience in the tech industry and writes about cybersecurity and future of work.

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