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Who Uses JavaScript? Companies That Use JavaScript and What JavaScript Is Used For

Susan Sanchez - February 04, 2022

JavaScript is a household name among tech enthusiasts. If you want to enter the tech field, you should learn more about this language. Knowing who uses JavaScript and ways to apply it will help you succeed in this fast-growing industry.

Whether you’re looking to become a web developer or a game developer, this article is for you. Read on to learn about who uses JavaScript and what JavaScript is used for. We also highlight the most prominent companies that use JavaScript to help you understand more about the career prospects for JavaScript coders.

What Is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a programming language that is considered to be one of the most popular in the industry. It’s essential for most websites because it’s one of the key technologies of web browsers and web pages. It’s also one of the most user-friendly languages, and it is frequently used among developers.

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JavaScript is an important building block in the web development process and is applied in conjunction with HTML and CSS. Being proficient in using this programming language is fundamental if you want to become a successful software developer.

JavaScript is considered one of the most popular languages in existence. It is a favorite for developers who offer online tutorials on the most widely used programming languages. The rankings of JavaSript in various indexes published by credible sources are listed below.

What Is JavaScript Used For?

JavaScript is used for both client-side and server-side web development. For this process, several JavaScript tools are utilized, such as JavaScript engines created by browser vendors. Below you will find a list we’ve compiled regarding the top five JavaScript applications.

Front End Development

Front end JavaScript is often used to create an interactive experience for users and add dynamic behavior to websites. Apart from simply displaying stylized content, it allows developers to incorporate additional activity onto their website. This JavaScript front end programming enables developers to enhance the user experience for any website visitor.

PayPal and Netflix are a couple of big companies that use client-side JavaScript for their website’s user interface. They also use NodeJS to split their interface into various client-side web applications for easier management and create scalable network applications. All modern browsers now support and execute JavaScript code efficiently, a testament to how many companies and browser vendors use it for their needs.

Backend Development

People commonly use JavaScript front end coding, but JavaScript can also function as a server-side language for web development. Another use of JavaScript server-side code is to develop backend infrastructure with features such as payment processing and database building. This is usually achieved by using JavaScript with development tools like NodeJS.

Many known companies use JavaScript for various purposes, including server-side web development. A few notable names include LinkedIn, which relies on NodeJS for easier data sharing. Walmart has also replaced Java with Node.js for their mobile site’s infrastructure.

Mobile Application Development

Developers can also use JavaScript to create mobile apps. This can be made possible through the application of development tools in conjunction with JavaScript. A few examples of these tools are React Native, Phonegap, and Angular. Spotify is one of the best examples of the integration of JavaScript into a mobile application.

Game Development

JavaScript can be used in conjunction with gaming engines. Although it is not ideal for complicated games, JavaScript can surely be used to make simple games. Unlike desktop software, these JavaScript games typically operate in all major browsers without the need to download them.

There are quite a few well-known games that use the JavaScript language. For example, HexGL, a basic racing game known for its addictive nature, was made with JavaScript and HTML5. Another example is Mk.Js, an HTML5 and JavaScript game that imitates the game functions of Mortal Kombat and Tekken.

Web Application Development

JavaScript can also help with web application development. It is frequently used in conjunction with other technologies to construct extremely responsive web apps. The ability of these applications to run in a simple browser tab, similar to JavaScript games, can be more convenient than installing desktop applications.

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A few common examples of web applications that use JavaScript are Google Docs, Google Maps, and the Gmail web client. Google even utilizes its own JavaScript tools such as AngularJS and Closure Tools to develop its web applications. Another example is Groupon, which has a website that is broken down into several NodeJS web applications.

List of JavaScript Companies: Overview

Companies That Use Javascript Who Uses Javascript at This Company? What Does This Company Use Javascript For? Estimated Number of Employees
eBay Senior full stack developer, software engineer, front end software engineer Front end development, backend development 12,700
Facebook Front end engineer, software engineer, full stack production engineer Front end development, backend development 63,404
Google Software engineer, developer relations engineer, application engineer Front end development, backend development, web application development 135,301
Groupon Software engineering manager, software development engineer, mobile staff engineer Front end development, web application development, mobile application development 6,000+
LinkedIn Senior software engineer,
staff software engineer,
technical services manager
Front end development, backend development 16,000+
Microsoft Software engineer, service engineer, Azure App Services support engineer Front end development, backend development 189,984
Netflix Senior UI engineer, senior front end engineer, full stack senior software engineer Front end development, backend development, web application development 9,400
PayPal Software developer, full stack software engineer, full stack web engineer Front end development, backend development, web application development 26,500
Uber Software engineer, senior software engineers, front end engineer Front end development, backend development 22,800
Walmart Principal product manager, staff software engineer, principal software engineer Front end development, backend development, web application development, mobile application development 2.2 million

List of Companies That Use JavaScript, Expanded

Many companies, including the ones mentioned here, use JavaScript for various purposes, such as adding additional activities to apps or creating a more interactive experience for users. This is because JavaScript has a wide array of uses that can help them maximize development time and efficiency. Below we delve deeper into the above-listed companies that use JavaScript.


eBay is an ecommerce corporation best known for running an online consumer-to-consumer or business-to-consumer marketplace website. It uses JavaScript for various front end and backend programming purposes. eBay’s tech stack relied on Java for a while, but now they have migrated most of their user-facing stack to Node.js.

Average Salaries for eBay Employees Who Use JavaScript

  • Full Stack Developer | $175,521
  • Software Engineer | $124,398
  • Front End Software Engineer | $124,398


Facebook, officially known as Meta, is a multinational tech company known for its numerous contributions to the tech industry. It uses JavaScript to assist in backend and front end programming and help enhance the interactive experience of users in each social media platform it owns. Facebook is also the company that developed React, one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks.

Average Salaries for Facebook Employees Who Use JavaScript

  • Front End Engineer | $172,114
  • Software Engineer | $187,046
  • Full Stack Production Engineer | $166,290


Google is a large, American company known for various technology-related services, products, and web applications. The company is an avid supporter of JavaScript, utilizing it for many purposes. Google is also responsible for the V8 creation, the engine that stands as the core of Google Chrome and Node.js.

Average Salaries for Google Employees Who Use JavaScript

  • Software Engineer | $156,806
  • Developer Relations Engineer | $154,545
  • Application Engineer | $199,805


Groupon is an American online marketplace known for offering generous discounts and coupons to its customers. It uses JavaScript for its website, splitting it into several web applications for more efficient management. This marketplace builds and develops its mobile applications and front end management through JavaScript.

Average Salaries for Groupon Employees Who Use JavaScript

  • Software Engineering Manager | $180,106
  • Software Development Engineer | $139,671
  • Mobile Staff Engineer | $165,170


LinkedIn is an online service for business and employment-related affairs. It operates through websites and mobile applications, all developed with the help of JavaScript. JavaScript provides front end and backend assistance to its developers.

Average Salaries for LinkedIn Employees Who Use JavaScript

  • Senior Software Engineer | $185,034
  • Staff Software Engineer | $222,075
  • Technical Services Manager | $126,069


Microsoft is one the biggest software companies known for various products like its Microsoft Windows operating systems and the Microsoft Office suite. It utilized JavaScript to build its Edge browser and is one of the biggest supporters of Node.js. It also uses JavaScript for both front end and backend web development.

Average Salaries for Microsoft Employees Who Use JavaScript

  • Software Engineer | $136,877
  • Service Engineer | $140,386
  • Azure App Services Support Engineer | $74,904


Netflix is the most popular streaming service, allowing customers to view a variety of TV series online from any device with an internet connection. Netflix used to be a big fan of Java, but as time went on, it began to favor Node.js. It used Node.js to turn its interface into independent web applications, reducing server load.

Average Salaries for Netflix Employees Who Use JavaScript

  • Senior UI Engineer | $276,987
  • Senior Front End Engineer | $138,643
  • Full Stack Senior Software Engineer | $409,202


PayPal is a financial technology company that facilitates payment and money transfers through its online payment system. It uses JavaScript for its website’s front end development and Node.js for some backend purposes. It has even created its own version of Express.js called Kraken.js.

Average Salaries for PayPal Employees Who Use JavaScript

  • Software Developer | $121,652
  • Full Stack Software Engineer | $115,810
  • Full Stack Web Engineer | $132,773


Uber is a ridesharing or transportation company that allows users to hail drivers through a mobile application. It uses JavaScript for front end and backend purposes on its website. It handles large amounts of incoming data efficiently through Node.js and JavaScript.

Average Salaries for Uber Employees Who Use JavaScript

  • Software Engineer | $159,263
  • Senior Software Engineer | $184,065
  • Front End Engineer | $159,263


Walmart is a retail company that owns numerous online ecommerce sites, markets, departments, and grocery stores worldwide. Walmart uses JavaScript for front end and backend development, web application development for their website, and even for creating their mobile application.

Average Salaries for Walmart Employees Who Use JavaScript

  • Principal Product Manager | $185,884
  • Staff Software Engineer | $185,828
  • Principal Software Engineer | $209,856

JavaScript Bootcamps: Who Uses JavaScript to Teach Students How to Code?

There are several coding bootcamps that use JavaScript to teach students how to code. We listed three of these bootcamps below.

  • BrainStation . BrainStation provides a web development bootcamp in which JavaScript is taught as one of the core languages. Students also receive training on front end languages like HTML and CSS and are provided with various code samples. They also learn how to leverage engines and standard libraries such as React.js.
  • Ironhack . Ironhack offers a web development bootcamp that teaches students the fundamentals of web development. The bootcamp focuses on providing students with full stack JavaScript skills through Node.js, Express.js, and more. It also trains students to master React.js.
  • Lighthouse Labs . As with the previous two bootcamps, Lighthouse Labs offers a web development bootcamp designed to equip students with various skills. The bootcamp covers topics like data modeling, software architecture, and of course, front end and backend JavaScript. It also equips students with Ruby on Rails knowledge on top of the standard web development skills.

Which Real-World JavaScript Use Case Is Right for Me?

Laptop with code on the screen on a desk next to a coffee cup, plants and a guitar. Who Uses Javascript?
JavaScript is one of the most widely used languages and is considered essential for all aspiring web developers.

You now understand who utilizes JavaScript, what it is used for, and who teaches it. Perhaps it’s time to consider how enhancing your JavaScript skills can help you advance your career. Because so many companies utilize JavaScript, if you have the right skills, you’ll be presented with a lot of job opportunities.

If you already have some expertise, you can either brush up on your knowledge or enroll in a JavaScript short course or a bootcamp to learn more about this popular programming language.

Uses of JavaScript FAQ

What operating systems can JavaScript be used with?

As long as your operating system is modern enough to run a web browser, it can run JavaScript. JavaScript is the most widely used language because of its accessibility. If you’re thinking of using Node.js or other JavaScript engines, their requirements can be checked on their websites.

Is using JavaScript to develop a monetized game a good idea?

JavaScript is best for simple browser games made for the users to have fun. You’re free to try monetizing your JavaScript game, but it’ll be hard to do on a simple browser game. If you want to create great complex games, you’ll need other game development-purpose programming languages.

Is JavaScript or Python better for web development?

JavaScript is an industry standard if it’s solely about web development. It can handle both front end and backend web development, which you can’t achieve with Python. However, pairing JavaScript and Python for front end and backend development, respectively, is a better idea than choosing only one.

Can I get a job with just JavaScript knowledge?

Yes, you can get a job with just JavaScript knowledge, including related frameworks like Node.js and React.js. However, if you just have JavaScript knowledge, be sure to be open to learning other skills, too.

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