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HTML Deep Dives

Change Font HTML: A How-To Guide

The font-family CSS rule lets you define the font of an HTML web document. To refer to external fonts, you can use the url() method to define a font face. Or, you can embed a font CSS file from a…

HTML Image Size

The HTML image size refers to the height and width of an image. They are listed as HTML attributes on the <img> element. Here’s how to set them. Syntax The syntax for setting the width and height attributes of an…

How to Link CSS to HTML to Make Markup More Readable

As newer coders, we first start to incorporate CSS to our web pages as inline-styling. We use the style attribute to inject the CSS directly on our HTML element:  As we move to more complicated sites, we move to incorporating…

HTML Label: A Step-by-Step Guide

The HTML label tag is used to define a caption for an element in an HTML form. It’s accessed with the <label> tag, and are linked to a particular web form. When clicked they allow the user to engage with…

HTML Lists: Step-by-Step Guide

The HTML list tag is used to create lists on a webpage. It can create three types of lists: ordered lists, unordered lists, and description lists. When you’re building a web page, you may want to present information as a…

HTML Table: Step-by-Step Guide

HTML Tables are sets of data that are presented in rows and columns. To make an HTML table use the <table> element. You can use <tr> to create rows, <td> to create columns, and <th> to create table headers. Tables…

How to Create HTML Forms: A Guide

HTML forms collect data from users with text fields, dropdowns, checkboxes, and more. Forms in HTML are enclosed within the <form> tag and use the <input> tag to create elements. HTML forms provide a way for users to interact with…

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