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JavaScript Deep Dives

JavaScript: Capitalize First Letter of Each Word in a String
There’s many beginner-friendly code challenges that will help you to start thinking more like an engineer. One such challenge is one where you capitalize the first letter of every word in a given string. In this article, we’ll take a…
JavaScript Methods: Object.assign()
JavaScript has an Object class that has all sorts of methods we can use to manipulate those objects. In this article, we’ll take a look at the Object.assign() method and demonstrate how it’s used. A Little Background As a reminder…
JavaScript Math Object: Absolute Value
This article will show you how to use the Math Object to figure out the absolute value of an input.  As a reminder, the absolute value of a number disregards the sign – it assumes that all numbers are 0…
JavaScript Class: A Guide
JavaScript is based on prototypes. Every time you declare an object, a prototype property is created which extends the properties and methods associated with that object. Over the last few years, many JavaScript developers have sought ways to incorporate object-oriented…
How to Use JavaScript’s getElementById Getter
So, you want to select an element on a web page in JavaScript? That's the specialty of the getElementById method, the so-called king of the element getters in JavaScript. getElementById allows you to select an element based on its ID.…
JavaScript Reverse String Code Challenge
One of the first code/algorithm challenges that we set out to solve as budding software engineers and web developers is to see if we can figure out how to reverse a string. Remember that a string is just a collection…
JavaScript Cookies: A Guide
Cookies are both a delicious snack and a crucial part of modern websites.  Cookies allow you to store data about a user in the web browser. Cookies often store information like authentication sessions so the browser remembers you have logged…

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