What Is Coding? Coding Definition and Uses

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  1. nice article thank sir your article is very helpful for my website thank

  2. Andre Riley says:

    – It’s imperative that we really need to how to work with different coding languages. It’s by-product will definitely serve as a predictor if our projects will work or not. I know learning Code Languages will always be challenging, would you like to share some tips or advices on how to make learning much easier?

  3. YUSUF Mustapha says:

    Is it possibly for me to learn coding, because am new to it and which of the coding language will I start with and again if I learn coding what opportunities will i be opened to or better still how will i use it to make money

  4. CIMT says:

    Thank you author for such a nice post.Keep it up.

  5. Fazila says:

    What is the earliest age that coding should be introduced ? Can you suggest few sites where I can find free coding lessons for kids?

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